Review: The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix – Original and Hot & Spicy

OK, who is The Murph? He’s Stephen Murphy, a Wall Street guy turned mixology enthusiast who figured he could whip up a Bloody Mary mix better than anyone else — and he put his money where his mouth was, selling his homegrown mix out of his car for nearly a decade. Now, The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix is widely commercially available.

What makes them different? “The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mixes are made with a tomato paste base (not tomato juice) and kettle cooked in small batches like a Sunday Sauce.”

Sunday Sauce!? I’m intrigued. Two versions are available. We tried them both. Thoughts follow.

The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix Original – Rich without being overwhelming, the bold tomato flavor — almost beefy at times — really comes through, while spices, a little horseradish, and black pepper add character. Consistent in thickness, without that gross watery layer that tends to rise to the top of most mixes, it’s one of the best Bloody mixers I’ve encountered in recent years. A

The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix Hot & Spicy – A little thinner and brighter, with an initial rush of lime juice. The extra heat comes along soon enough, in the form of both black and red pepper, giving it a Tabasco-like kick that lingers on the back of the throat. It’s a solid mixer if you like it nice and hot, but along the way you do lose some of that rich tomato character. A-

each $7 per 1-liter bottle /

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  1. Virginia May 16, 2018 / 12:44 pm

    Where can I purchase single serve Famous Murph Bloody Mary mix – in Westchester or Nassau NY

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