Review: Fever-Tree Margarita and Bloody Mary Mixers

Review: Fever-Tree Margarita and Bloody Mary Mixers

Fever-Tree is famous for its carbonated mixers, and now it’s turning its attention to an obvious counterpart: cocktail mixers in the form of margarita (two types) and Bloody Mary mixes. The trio are available in 750ml bottles and, like most Fever Tree products, are made from high-grade ingredients.

All prices below are for 750ml bottles.

Fever-Tree Classic Margarita Mix – An outstanding mix that needs no doctoring, there’s plenty of bold lime flavor here, plus a touch of orangey citrus that ensures you won’t need to dig out the triple sec. It’s definitely on the sweeter side (both cane sugar and agave in the mix; there’s 27% juice in the bottle) but it’s just short of being dialed too far in that direction, with a bit of salt adding some bite and brightness to the finish. Temper with water if you’d like — or, pro tip, mix it 60-40 with the Light Margarita Mix to balance things out. No need for a lime wedge here unless you’re dying for some color in the glass. 120 calories per serving. A

Fever-Tree Light Margarita Mix – At 50 calories per serving, Fever Tree is surely shaving flavor from somewhere (this isn’t artificially sweetened, by the way), and the Light version indeed lacks the depth and gravity of the standard expression. If you go in expecting something akin to lemonade you won’t set yourself up for disappointment. The finish is slightly grassy and more tart than sweet, but unfortunately and unavoidably on the watery side. B

Fever-Tree Classic Bloody Mary Mix – Bloody Mary mix is a long way from Fever Tree’s usual fare, but this mixer is right on target with expectations for what a solid bloody mix should provide. Thick and tomato-ey, with ample doctoring courtesy of black pepper, horseradish, and beefy Worcestershire sauce, it makes for a hearty bloody with a moderate — not too heavy — spicy kick. On the whole, the recipe is solid and never feels blown out in any direction. Peppery, but balanced. 40 calories per serving. A-

each $8 /

Fever-Tree Classic Margarita Mix




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