Review and Giveaway: Skil iXO Vivo Wine Bottle Opener

Review and Giveaway: Skil iXO Vivo Wine Bottle Opener

skil ixo vivo kitI’m not one to swoon over the romance of drinking wine, but even I find that de-corking your bottles with a power drill is a little nutty.

Skil, unhappy to dominate the world of DIY construction and Ikea desk-building projects, is entering the wine world in the only way it knows how, by offering a tiny power drill with a corkscrew attachment.

The kit includes all the basics, a handheld, rechargeable drill, foil cutter (works great), a small selection of screwdriver bits, and a largish corkscrew attachment. The attachments are magnetic, so there’s no need to deal with tightening the bits into the driver. Just pop it on the top and go.

Of course, that kind of arrangement is intended for the lightest of duties, and it turns out pulling corks isn’t that easy, even for a power drill. In my tests, the 4-volt iXO struggled to pull out many of the corks I pit it against, whining fiercely in its attempt to dislodge them. I always got the corks out eventually, but it wasn’t really any faster than using a Rabbit… and it was incredibly loud and, yes, a lot less elegant. Two hands are still required, too, lest you want the bottle to go spinning out of control.

If you’re looking for something for the garage — because you’re the kind of guy that has a bottle of Burgundy next to the sawhorses — this would be a fine way to extend the utility of your power drill. Those looking for a more refined way to loosen a cork might want to stick with old-fashioned muscle power.

Want to try it for yourself? We’ve got an iXO Vivo to give away to a randomly-selected reader. All you need to do is email us your name, address, and the name of your favorite wine. Winner selected on December 12, 2012.


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Skil iXO Vivo Wine Bottle Opener




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  1. Mark Leier on November 29, 2012 at 11:52 am

    As per your review, this Skil set-up may be a tad nerdy. As a tool geek, it is both amusing and a clever ice-breaker at gatherings.

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