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Review: Don Roberto Tequila, Complete Lineup

Don Roberto is a tequila that’s been made in Mexico since 1840. Now it finally arrives in the U.S., and the company had master mixologist Junior Merino on hand to talk teq (did you know: There are only 128 tequila distilleries in Mexico but over 1,000 tequila brands?) and mix up some delicious tequila cocktails taking advantage of all three Don Roberto expressions.

Some thoughts on the experience and the three expressions (all are 80 proof and 100% agave, of course).

Don Roberto Blanco Tequila is a big tequila with lush agave and sweet potato notes, a touch of smoke from the soil, and big heat in the body. A little winter melon in there helps to round out a really rich spirit. A- / $45 [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

Don Roberto Reposado Tequila was arguably my favorite of the trio, aged six months in new oak and complex with coconut, lemon, and hints of pepper and spice. The body is a little thin but not overly so, the finish a smooth and supple callback for continued quaffing. A- / $55

Don Roberto Anejo Tequila spends 18 months in oak and is surprisingly light in color, considering its age. Big baking spice and hefty coconut flavors are nice, but there’s way more heat in this one than in the Reposado, which makes it a tad less smooth. I like it just a touch less than the reposado, but it was perfect with Merino’s habanero-spiked homemade sangrita, heavy on grapefruit juice and light on the tomato. B+ / $60 [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

Merino’s cocktails were universally good, running from the impressive to the elaborate — the Don Roberto Refresher has 11 ingredients, not including the salt rim — as were his bar snacks. Tequila-absinthe gummis, anyone?


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  1. carmen scott November 25, 2011

    hello, i saw the program ventaneando (spanish TV) and one of the ladies on the program said that Don Roberto is one of the finest tequila. on the website there’s two different bottles, which is the original!!!

  2. Diane Lane February 2, 2021

    We found Don Roberto sitting in a friends hutch and immediately fell in love with it. Searched for close to a year to find it again and I finally did! So super excited. Bought a bottle for New Years Eve (Reposado) and when we opened it the cork broke in half in the bottle . Ok no big deal just pour it into a cup and we were off. Bought a second bottle of Reposado and again the cork broke in half in the bottle. Ok again we poured it into another cup and we were off. Third time in less than two months I bought ANOTHER bottle of Reposado as we were going to the snow and again the damn cork broke in half in the bottle again!!! Let’s $75/bottle X 3 bottles is $225!!! That’s A LOT of money to spend to have to strain the damn cork out of your tequila to do shots!! Signed very disappointed and broke.

    1. Christopher Null February 2, 2021

      Hi Diane – we can at least try to help you on the cork front here: https://www.drinkhacker.com/2020/04/30/how-to-get-a-broken-cork-out-of-a-bottle/


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