Review: Señor Sangria Classic Red

senor sangria

Pre-mixed, bottled sangria can be a dicey proposition. I mean, is it that hard to make good sangria yourself?

Well, yes, yes it is. That’s why you never make it at home, lardo — you’re too lazy. And you’ve got to have lots of fresh fruit handy. And a knife.

Screw that and pop open a bottle of Señor Sangria, a brand new sangria from a brand new company that tastes as good as the home-made hooch. You’ll taste the difference immediately: Señor Sangria may not be made out of Chateau Petrus, but the generally good quality of the starter wine is apparent. That’s good because Señor Sangria isn’t as sweet or as fruit-bombed as many sangrias tend to be. Here the wine — hearty and rich, not overly fruity — is the main player. Sugar has been added with an even hand, and the additional citrus flavors aren’t overpowering, light citrus, apple, maybe some cherry — though of course it’s hard to tell what characteristics are coming from the wine itself instead of added fruit.

Uncomplicated to be sure, this is nonetheless good, easygoing stuff, perfect for sipping by the pool barefoot — which is exactly how I’m enjoying it, suckers! Ridiculously inexpensive, too.

8% alcohol by volume.

A- / $9 (750ml bottle) / 

Señor Sangria Classic Red





  1. evrobtuck on July 9, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    I’m not a regular sangria drinker. But when I tasted a sample at liquor store side of ShopRite one day I was hook. I am not a fan of ANY beverage containing alcohol being too sweet. So I agree with the writer when he says that Senor Sangria is not overly sweet or fruity. Great taste and a Great Buy.

  2. Michael Watts on April 12, 2015 at 11:33 pm

    Where are you available in Northern Jersey?

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