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Some deals are just too good to pass up. Our Best Value category digests that rarest of breeds: Top-rated products at prices that are incredibly appealing. We include products across the board in this section.

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Review: Wines of Knotty Vines, 2019 Vintage

By Christopher Null | April 15, 2022 |

Knotty Vines is an unabashed budget brand from Rodney Strong, standing as the third (or maybe fourth) label in its arsenal. We recently tasted a collection of four wines from the brand, the full lineup of its offerings. 2019 Knotty Vines Chardonnay California – Here’s a real surprise to kick things off: This chardonnay has had…

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Tasting the Styles of Prosecco, 2022 Releases

By Christopher Null | April 2, 2022 |

Prosecco may often come across like an entry-level experience, but if you dive a bit deeper you’ll see that this essential sparkler comes in a variety of different styles, each representing a different level of sweetness, much like Champagne. As with Champagne, the categories are confusing and unintuitive. From dryest to sweetest, the categories go:…

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Review: Wines of Gancia, 2022 Releases

By Christopher Null | March 8, 2022 |

Behold, three wines from exceptionally affordable Italian producer Gancia, which has been producing wine for 170 years. 2019 Gancia Prosecco Rose – Rose Proseccos aren’t overly common, particularly at this price level. Gancia’s expression is creamy and lightly dusted with notes of strawberry and baking spice, hints of cinnamon giving a lift to a core that…

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Review: 3 Affordable Spanish Reds, 2022 Releases

By Christopher Null | February 8, 2022 |

The wines of Spain can be ultra-luxe, but most of the time you’ll find amazing values from this warm region, known for its aggressive reds. Today we look at a trio of wines from España for your springtime enjoyment. 2018 Clos de Nit Montsant – Montsant is the region surrounding Priorat. A blend of 40%…

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Review: 2020 Castel Sallegg Bischofsleiten DOC

By Anine Myrhagen Ward | February 4, 2022 |

Wines from northern Italy and the mountainous region of Alto Adige are often light to medium bodied, high in acid, and fruit forward, which in general is a result of growing grapes in high altitude vineyards. And they are delightful. The black grape used to make the 2020 “Bischofsleiten” from Castel Sallegg is called Schiava…

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Review: 2020 Clean Slate Riesling Mosel

By Christopher Null | January 28, 2022 |

Clean Slate has long been a no-nonsense way to get a great value on a solid expression of riesling. As always it’s a semi-sweet style of the grape. A base of honey and white grape juice makes this an immediately appealing wine, perfect for aperitif sips before, well, dipping into just about anything. Crisp with…

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Review: Wines of Zenato, 2022 Releases

By Christopher Null | January 25, 2022 |

Zenato can be found in the region of Lugana in northern Italy, a fairly obscure wine region on the shore of Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda, as well as nearby Valpolicella. In fact, the Zenato family was one of the first to plant in Lugana, and the rich history of the company is in clear…

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Review: 2020 Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec and 2018 Medalla Cabernet Sauvignon

By Rob Theakston | January 23, 2022 |

We’ve tried and enjoyed Trapiche offerings in the past, but not everything this Mendoza, Argentina-based vineyard has to offer. This is our first experience with its Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as with its Oak Cask Malbec. 2020 Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec – A rather burly affair, even after time in the glass lets matters settle.…

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Review: Wines of Jules Taylor, 2022 Releases

By Christopher Null | January 20, 2022 |

Jules Taylor is based in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, where the winemaker produces a series of eponymous, affordable bottlings. She was named New Zealand Winemaker of the Year for 2021. Let’s dig in to this trio of bottlings, all newly released. 2021 Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough – Sauvignon blanc is Taylor’s specialty, and with…

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Review: Wines of Salentein and Pyros, 2022 Releases

By Robert Lublin | January 19, 2022 |

Salentein has just released new vintages of its wines grown in the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina. Today we get to try them alongside two wines from the Pyros label, which are also produced by Salentein but are made with Malbec grapes grown in the Pedernal Valley in San Juan. Let’s give them a try.…

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