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Review: Heaven Hill Heritage Collection Bourbon 17 Years Old (2022)

By Christopher Null | April 9, 2022 |

Can the world handle even more bourbon unicorns? Get ready for the Heaven Hill Heritage Collection, which some have described as a “springtime Parker’s Heritage Collection,” representing limited releases of some of the distillery’s most prized stock. The big difference here: While Parker’s is focused on innovation and experimentation, the Heaven Hill Heritage Collection will…

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Review: M&H Single Casks and Apex Dead Sea (2022)

By Christopher Null | April 8, 2022 |

Israel’s M&H (“Milk & Honey”) has been hard at work innovating with its unique single malts, laying down all manner of unusual single barrels that one rarely sees from the mainstream, much less out of a whisky rarity like Israel. Recently we received a collection of these bottlings, including three single barrel offerings and one…

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Review: Ron Zacapa XO

By Drew Beard | April 7, 2022 |

We’ve followed the evolution of Ron Zacapa 23 closely here at Drinkhacker, reviewing this standout rum offering from Guatemala twice over the years (here and here) with a separate deep dive into its elaborate construction. While paying ample attention to the flagship bottling, we somehow never got around to the crown jewel in the Zacapa line,…

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The Best Cherry Liqueur Roundup: 12 Bottles Tasted, 1 Winner

By Christopher Null | April 1, 2022 |

Aside from the orange, the cherry seems to be the fruit that ends up in spirits more than adnything else. Credit that not just with the popularity of cherry as a flavoring agent, but also, perhaps, with the fact that cherries seem to grow everywhere: The U.S., all across Europe, Russia, and even the middle…

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Book Review: Lodi! The Definitive Guide and History of America’s Largest Winegrowing Region

By Rob Theakston | March 31, 2022 |

This book is massive in both senses of the word. This large-format book is coffee-table thick and could easily provide the reader with a solid arm workout while holding it up to be read. It also covers every imaginable angle on Lodi and could very well serve as the definitive work on the region. Thanks…

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The Top 10 Wines for Summer 2022

By Christopher Null | March 26, 2022 |

Who’s ready for a nice glass of wine to ease their way out of winter — and the pandemic — and into warmer, more inviting months? As we fitfully wind our way into summer, we’re taking a look back at the past 6 months of wine reviews to highlight our favorite, warmer weather-friendly releases to…

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Review: Tequila Gran Diamante, Complete Lineup

By Christopher Null | March 25, 2022 |

Tequila Gran Diamante is a new brand out of Jalisco (by way of Southern California), using Highlands agave to make a full line of three tequilas which are bottled in some of the most over-the-top decanters I’ve encountered in years. While these bottles trickle into bars and retail, we received samples of the complete lineup…

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Review: Wine Access Connoisseurs Club

By Christopher Null | March 24, 2022 |

Wine clubs are a dime a dozen — or, more to the point, $59.99 per month with a 12 month commitment. All too often these clubs feature tired, bulk wines that have been hastily repackaged and had a new label slapped on them. That’s not to say you can’t find value in some of these…

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Review: Amrut Spectrum 004 Single Malt Whisky 2022

By Drew Beard | March 23, 2022 |

After a five-year hiatus, Amrut is bringing back its ultra-rare and ultra-unusual Spectrum bottling. As with the 2017 release, this is Amrut single malt aged for an unspecified amount of time in ex-bourbon casks and then finished, again for an unspecified amount of time, in special “Spectrum” casks constructed from four different types of oak…

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Review: Firestone Walker Parabola 2022

By Drew Beard | March 19, 2022 |

Parabola, the flagship in Firestone Walker’s Proprietor’s Vintage Series, is changing things up once again for 2022. While last year’s release saw aging, for the first time ever, in a mix of bourbon, rye, and wheat whiskey barrels, the latest edition is a much simpler, all ex-bourbon-aged creation with one catch; the barrels used were…

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