Bourbon is the unquestioned king of American whiskey, its production dating back to the 1700s. While bourbon is invariably associated with Kentucky, where 95 percent of all bourbon is produced today, in reality it can be produced anywhere in the U.S. (though only Kentucky Bourbon can include the name of the state on the label). By U.S. law, bourbon must be made from a mash of at least 51% corn; be aged in new, charred oak containers; distilled to no more than 160 proof, entered into barrel at no more than 125 proof, and bottled at a minimum of 80 proof. Contrary to popular opinion, there’s no minimum aging requirement for bourbon, although straight bourbon must be aged for at least two years and cannot have added coloring. One of the most popular spirits in today’s drinking world, bourbon prices have been on the rise as stocks have dwindled — although massive investments in the industry promise to ease those supply pressures in coming years.

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Review: Daviess County Bourbon Double Barrel Finish

By Drew Beard | October 27, 2021 |

Last year, we gave you a comprehensive rundown on the core Daviess County whiskey portfolio, an impressive collection of straight bourbons from Lux Row Distillers (now owned by MGP, for those keeping tabs on those kinds of things). Last month, Daviess County added to the lineup with this limited edition, another finished expression dubbed Double…

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Review: Garrison Brothers Laguna Madre Bourbon

By Monica Uhm | October 24, 2021 |

Garrison Brothers has had a remarkable trajectory in the bourbon sphere in recent years. I was first introduced to Garrison Brothers at my local go-to bourbon haunt Post Wine & Spirits, whose proprietor, Jake Lambertson, was an early fan and loyal advocate of Garrison Brothers before their reputation skyrocketed, drawn in by their bold and…

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Review: Milam & Greene Distillery Edition 2 Bourbon

By Christopher Null | October 23, 2021 |

The latest offering from Texas-based Milam & Greene has arrived, the second expression of its Distillery Edition. (We missed the first release.) Unlike some of M&G’s releases, which are blends of sourced and in-house-distilled spirit, the Distillery Edition is a “grain to glass” whiskey, made from the standard M&G “sweet” mash of 70% corn, 22% rye,…

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Review: Archenemy Space Whiskey

By Christopher Null | October 21, 2021 |

Celebrity whiskeys are old news. The new hotness: Whiskeys bottled to promote an individual movie, as is the case with Archenemy, which is billed as “Space Whiskey,” or more accurately “Space Straight Bourbon Whiskey.” Fist Is Fire, per the tagline. I don’t know what any of that means, because I haven’t seen the 2020 Joe…

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Review: Elmer T. Lee 100 Year Tribute Single Barrel Bourbon

By Drew Beard | October 18, 2021 |

Former Buffalo Trace Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee passed away in 2013. In 2019, to commemorate what would have been the legendary bourbon-maker’s 100th birthday, Buffalo Trace released this special single barrel, dubbed the ‘100 Year Tribute.’ Elmer was a radar bombardier in WWII, flying combat missions in B-29s over Japan for the Army Air…

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Review: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2021 Edition

By Christopher Null | October 16, 2021 |

By now you’ve surely heard the news. This year there will be no George Stagg release, with Buffalo Trace declaring that the barrels it pulled (from 2006 distillate) “did not meet the Stagg profile today.” The good news is that it still leaves four horsemen remaining in the Antique Collection, and these whiskeys are always…

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Review: Brown Sugar Bourbon BSB and BSB 103 (2021)

By Christopher Null | October 14, 2021 |

Under its original owner, Washington-based Heritage Distilling, Brown Sugar Bourbon was a quirky flavored whiskey from a company really striving to make it in the craft game. Earlier this year, the Brown Sugar Bourbon brand was sold to actor Jamie Foxx, dramatically boosting its market presence. Following the sale of the brand, production of the…

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Review: Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch Bourbon

By Christopher Null | October 10, 2021 |

1783 is a relaunched expression from Heaven Hill’s Evan Williams Bourbon brand, and like the prior bottlings, it is clearly designed with one thing at top of mind: Affordability. It’s a step up from standard Evan Williams Black Label, with a fancier bottle and a slightly higher abv, the relaunched expression hitting 90 proof, up…

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Review: Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #5 and Discovery Series #5

By Drew Beard | October 6, 2021 |

The fall release of Bardstown Bourbon Co.’s Fusion and Discovery Series bourbons has hit the shelves, people. Even though the company provides its own perfectly adequate tasting notes right there on its website, I’ve got my own thoughts on these two. Read on for my unbiased ramblings. Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #5 – For the fifth…

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Review: Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection Raceking Bourbon

By Drew Beard | October 5, 2021 |

Kentucky’s Rabbit Hole Distillery is back with yet another cask strength limited edition from their Founder’s Collection series. For those counting at home, this is the third such release since fall of 2020. This release, named in honor of Kentucky’s horse racing tradition, showcases a unique four-grain recipe that includes chocolate wheat from Germany and…

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