Review: Kuiper Belt Dry Gin

Review: Kuiper Belt Dry Gin

I can tell you precious little about Kuiper Belt Dry Gin; although it notes having 8 botanicals on the label, I don’t know anything about them. It’s made by a rapper named E-40, and it’s billed as “atmospheric” — though its celebration of the icy Kuiper Belt in the outer solar system is well outside any atmosphere. The bottle design sure is interesting, too.

As for what’s in the bottle, there’s plenty of tradition here, the overall spirit coming across as not at all “out of this world.” Juniper and citrus are just about neck and neck, with grapefruit the strongest element in the fruit department. A slight spice note gives the gin a lemon pepper quality, with elements of mint emerging with a bit of time in glass.

On the palate, a mild sweetness melds well with the grapefruit and lemon peel notes, alongside notes of thyme and piney juniper. With its relatively creamy body, the combination feels downright soothing. There’s only a mild earthiness apparent here, as the plumped up fruit does more of the heavy lifting in the gin. Brisk pine and a recall of mint on the finish.

This isn’t an overly complex gin, but it is a bracing and flavorful one. If you like you gin leaning heavily on the fruit — think Plymouth — it’s worth a peek for use in long drinks.

88 proof.

A- / $43 

Kuiper Belt Dry Gin




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