Review: Wyoming Whiskey 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Review: Wyoming Whiskey 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Wyoming Whiskey recently celebrated their ten year anniversary and they honored the occasion as any craft distillery worth their salt would – by releasing a ten year old product. That ten year old product is the subject of today’s review, Wyoming Whiskey 10 Year Anniversary Edition which, we are told, “reflects 20 of the rarest casks at the Wyoming Whiskey distillery that were filled in November and December of 2011” making it, at 10.5 years old, the oldest product ever put out by the Cowboy State’s oldest distillery.

The barrels for this release were hand selected by Wyoming Whiskey’s founding Master Distiller Steve Nally and their Master Blender Nancy Fraley for their exceptional quality before being proofed down and released in limited quantities to select U.S. markets. It should be noted that 100% of the bourbon in this bottle is produced by Wyoming Whiskey and 100% of their grains are sourced locally in the Bighorn Basin. Commenting on this, co-founder Brad Mead says, “We are proud to honor our roots in this state with an exceptional 10-year-old whiskey created by the fusion of Wyoming water, Wyoming grains and Wyoming weather.”

That emphasis certainly makes sense for the brand. Despite the distillery being only ten years old, the Mead family has rancher roots in the region that trace back to 1890. Paying homage to the land that supported their family for over a century seems like a natural way to ring in their Tin Anniversary just as cracking open this bottle seems like a natural way to proceed with a review.

Once opened, a bouquet of fruit bounds out of the bottle and into the glass. Most immediately apparent is the aroma of apricot and pear, paired with caramel, hay, and interestingly a bit of bubblegum. After several swirls a savory note reminiscent of brisket off the grill comes into focus along with some red pepper flakes. Visiting the brand’s notes now, I would echo their claims of finding baklava drizzled in orange blossom and brandied cherries on the nose.

As for the taste it’s a citrus, caramel, and bubblegum kind of party on first sip. There’s a bit of char and crème brulee along with a subtle but substantive oak influence that begins to take root at the middle of the palate and sprouts to the top of the mouth. With a bit of chewing I picked up bay leaves, baking spices, and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. I also noticed a slightly oily texture coating my palate through the sweet and lingering finish. Wyoming Whiskey Ten Year Anniversary Edition is striking as a well-done bourbon and rises above expectations thanks to the clearly developed flavors that never come across as muddled or fall into competition with one another.

Give it time for extended consideration and its slick mouthfeel, a sweet finish that never takes a cloying turn, and dialed-in fruit notes will all add to your enjoyment. This whiskey drinks above its modest proof and stands as the best offering I’ve yet tried from Wyoming Whiskey.

103.4 proof.

A / $200 /

Wyoming Whiskey 10 Year Anniversary Edition




Frank Dobbins is a writer for Drinkhacker.

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