Review: Sourced Kraken Rum Haunted Halloween Bundle

Review: Sourced Kraken Rum Haunted Halloween Bundle

Sourced Craft Cocktails just dropped a pair of Halloween-friendly kits, including this bundle, featuring two ready-to-go mixers, a bottle of Kraken rum, and the usual accoutrements (skull-topped picks, coasters, koozies, and the like). The two cocktails include the “Sea Monster Mai Tai,” which is really a straightforward version of the classic, and the “Graveyard Smash,” which is a blend of lemon juice and cinnamon-spiced blackberry juice. Both are mixed almost evenly with Kraken rum, stirred with ice, and served over fresh ice. No garnishes included; I served them with cherries on the included picks.

Both cocktails are solid. The Mai Tai is excellent and authentic — the spice in the Kraken not really showing — though I can always use more almond in my mai tais. The Graveyard Smash is quite sweet — which effectively hides any sense of booziness in the drink, for better or for worse. I’d suggest toning down the syrup — but unfortunately you can’t, since the mixer is batched. Adding a fizzy mixer like soda or ginger ale might help to temper the sweetness — and make it a little more sippable over an afternoon drinking sesh.

$48 gets you the kit, with 8 servings of each cocktail. Grab one before the end of the month!

A- / $48

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