Review: Patron Anejo Tequila Sherry Cask Aged

Review: Patron Anejo Tequila Sherry Cask Aged

Alternatively known as Patron Cask Collection Sherry Cask Añejo, this special edition of Patron Tequila is unique in that it spends its two-plus years of aging in oloroso sherry bottles. No finishing here; it’s sherry all the way.

The sherry gives the tequila a brightly vivid orange hue, and its aromatic on the nose as well, blending the natural spice and herbal notes of the tequila with a sharp citrus character. The aroma evolves in glass to become lightly nutty, with notes of toasted sesame seeds and a peppery, slightly beefy edge. Curious notes of burnt matches give it a slightly sulfurous character if you breathe deep.

The palate has a curious edge, very sharp with a distinctly oxidized note, winey and quite nutty. It’s more sherry than tequila, with a doughy consistency and lots of that heavy, almost amontillado-like character. Grassy, winey, and quite nutty on the palate, the spirit often doesn’t represent itself as tequila at all, coming across as a young brandy perhaps. That dusky, oxidized sherry character on the finish is impossible to shake, and it lingers on the tongue just about forever. While a bit gritty and pungent, it’s not unenjoyable — in fact I went back to the bottle several times just to be sure I was tasting what I thought I was tasting — but ultimately I never came to terms with how extremely far this diverged from any classic expression of tequila, anejo or otherwise. I love experimentation in the tequila biz, but this bottling just goes too far.

80 proof.


Patron Anejo Tequila Sherry Cask Aged




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