Review: Wines of Domaine Bousquet, 2021 Releases

Review: Wines of Domaine Bousquet, 2021 Releases

Over the last several years Argentina’s Domaine Bousquet has quietly made headway into the U.S. market, offering everything from high-end table wines to sparkling offerings to box wines from its portfolio. We recently had the opportunity to sit via Zoom with Domaine Bousquet’s agronomist Franco Bastias and owner Anne Bousquet. The seminar tackled everything from terroir and climate to altitude and grape varietals — and just about everything else under the sun. We also had the opportunity to sample a variety of their offerings. Thoughts on a passel of current releases follow.

2018 Domaine Bousquet Gran Malbec – Wonderfully aromatic with the character that Malbec lovers gravitate towards, with blackberry, ripe plum, and hint of hibiscus on the nose and a full-bodied palate of medium acidity that never ceases to let up. The finish keeps the blackberry note around for quite a bit of time, and thankfully so. I bought a second bottle for aging and can’t to see what happens down the road in a year or two. A / $25

2019 Domaine Bousquet Reserve Chardonnay – Somewhat restrained with honeycrisp apple and lemon immediately present, and a bit more oak influence towards the back of the palate. Notes of apricot and lemon on the finish, which lingers around for quite a bit of time. Absolutely loads to enjoy here; it’d be a value at twice the suggested retail price. A- / $18

2019 Domaine Bousquet Reserve Pinot Noir – Wonderfully aromatic with bursts of blueberry, red currant, and dark cherry, the palate is supported by its low acidity and tannins which mellow out nicely. The finish is rich and complex, keeping the ripe fruits around all the way to the conclusion. It needs a bit of time once out of the bottle and into the glass, but it’s well worth the wait. A- / $18

2021 Domaine Bousquet Sauvignon Blanc – The parallels on first approach to a fine Speyside Scotch are striking: incredibly aromatic with loads of freshly-cut grass, honey, and green apple on the nose. Thankfully, the whisky comparison ends there, and a dry, classic sauvignon blanc profile emerges to deliver crisp and clean sweetness that is overall quite gentle: never too intense and enjoyable right down to the well-balanced finish. B+ / $13

2019 Domaine Bousquet Cabernet Sauvignon – Surprisingly sweet with notes of blackberry, plum, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon tempering things to keep them from becoming burdensome. There’s some complexity to be had here courtesy of mild oak influence, but overall it’s a no-frills straightforward affair respectful of your time and money. B+ / $13

2018 Domaine Bousquet Gaia Cabernet Franc Organic – Approachable from the onset courtesy of a lovely blend featuring blackberry, hibiscus, and cedar, there’s a soft layer of tea leaves and hibiscus delivering a layer of complexity on the palate. The medium-length finish delivers a welcoming hint of cinnamon and plum. Well worthy of pairing with a nice steak, and certainly one to consider opening during the winter months. B+ / $20

2018 Domaine Bousquet Gran Malbec




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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