Review: Harahorn Gin

Review: Harahorn Gin

Norway’s Harahorn makes four different gins, but this is the flagship, made in small batches and including some usual botanical suspects — juniper berries, angelica root — and some unusual additions — wild blueberries, rhubarb, seaweed, wild marjoram, and over dozen additional Norse herbs.

Let’s give this unique Scandinavian gin a try.

The nose is herbal, but not overwhelming, with notes of earthy angelica tempering the juniper and the gin’s slight citrus peel character. The palate eventually kicks off with some of that same earthiness, then segues into a sweeter tone as it develops in the glass and gets some air. Lemon peel, fresh-cut grass, pine needles, and a bittersweet grapefruit note all endure well into the lengthy and warming finish. I don’t get any seaweed — though my review sample was small — but I wouldn’t mind continuing to hunt for it in this expressive and versatile product.

92 proof.


Harahorn Gin




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