Review: Dirty Devil Vodka

Review: Dirty Devil Vodka

Dirty Devil Vodka has a curiously unique selling point: It’s the world’s first hyper-oxygenated spirit, “a patented process that yields water with five times the oxygen of ordinary water.” Wazzat? Here’s what the company says:

“We start with a super purification system that produces the highest quality of water,” explained Daniel Sdicu, Biologist/Chemist, Dirty Devil Vodka. “The water is then speed chilled to 4 degrees Celsius and is passed through our plasma reactor. This process changes the molecular structure of water by imbuing it with five times the oxygen of normal water. The resulting Hyper-Oxygenated water is then blended with a high-quality gluten-free alcohol and bottled at 84 proof.”

Made in Canada from non-GMO corn, the 5x distilled and 3x filtered spirit is rested for six weeks after the hyper-oxygenation process. What is drinking oxygen like? Let’s give it a whirl.

So, maybe there’s something to all of this. The vodka has a traditional, mildly medicinal nose, touched with a hint of almond and a pinch of spun sugar. The palate has a distinct creaminess to it, but the lightly nutty character and gentle sweetness continues after the initial rush of antiseptic wears off. A touch doughy on the finish but otherwise quite clean, that rolling, silky quality on the tongue is impossible to miss. Whether that’s a legitimate side-effect of hyper-0xygenation or the impact of a little gum arabic I’ll never know. Either way, it seems to work.

84 proof.

A- / $28 /




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