Review: Jeni’s Sparkling Berry Punch Sorbet with Chandon

Review: Jeni’s Sparkling Berry Punch Sorbet with Chandon

Wine-infused ice cream is usually the kind of thing you can only get at high-end restaurants. But now you can bring it home, courtesy of a partnership between Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Chandon California sparkling wine. Jeni’s Sparkling Berry Punch is a sorbet made with blackcurrants, blackberry, and raspberry fruit — plus a touch of sparkling wine in the mix. It can be served solo or — for something a bit more special — as a scoop bobbing in a coupe of Chandon wine.

Jeni’s and Chandon sent us a couple of pints. Naturally, we tried it both ways.

It’s truly delightful on the tongue, a bold blend of currant and black raspberry notes that find a wonderful complement in the gentle wine component, which is hinted at on the finish with lemongrass and lemon notes. There’s something vaguely winey about the sorbet — a certain punchiness that feels like fermentation has really been involved — plus a savory note that gives the sweetness a lovely balance. The texture is beautifully creamy, even straight out of the freezer — courtesy of the wine in the mix.

All told, it’s hard to put down, whether you’re consuming it solo or in a “float” composition, though to be honest I like it best on its own. Someone here — Jeni, I suppose — knew what they were doing.

A / $12 per pint /

Jeni's Sparkling Berry Punch Sorbet with Chandon




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