Book Review: Shake, Stir, Pour

Book Review: Shake, Stir, Pour

shake stir pour bookHow enticing do all those artisan cocktails you see these days look, with their organic cinnamon-rhubarb puree and house-made schnozzberry syrup? I frequently enjoy these libations, then regret that I’ll never be able to make them the same way at home.

Well, with Katie M. Loeb’s Shake, Stir, Pour: Fresh Homegrown Cocktails, now you can. All those syrups, mixers, infusions, and bitters are just a recipe away — and while many are far more exotic to make than the dinner you’ll prepare afterwards, the directions are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Whether you’re into rhubarb, passion fruit, or tarragon, Loeb has you covered. Hell, there are three grenadine recipes in this book alone. Many of the syrups are non-alcoholic and can be used for booze-free beverages. If you’re wondering what the garden-to-bar/farm-to-glass fuss is all about, this is the book to demystify it all and make it a reality.

My sole complaint with the book has nothing to do with its content but its presentation. It’s spiral bound and has a hardcover backing, which makes it great for the kitchen, but i had trouble with pages sticking together, particularly beneath/around the spiral binding. This has caused a little ripping in this region, and no amount of hibiscus-thyme-truffle bitters can fix that.


Shake, Stir, Pour




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