Book Review: The PDT Cocktail Book

Book Review: The PDT Cocktail Book

PDT is a Manhattan speakeasy (behind a hot dog joint in the East Village) and is known for pushing high-quality cocktails. This thick cocktail recipe book covers all the bases of setting up a solid bar — right down to how to make your own grenadine — but the centerpiece is the cocktail list, which covers over 300 drinks from classics to more modern and original concoctions.

What makes this list unique — organized alphabetically, straight up — is that PDT includes brands for just about every liquor its recipes call for. This isn’t marketing. This is science, the results of testing each recipe with every available gin, vodka, whiskey, or rum, and picking the one that makes the best drink. PDT’s Sazerac is made with Rittenhouse, its Aviation is made with Beefeater, its Martini with Plymouth and Dolin. If you want all the mystery taken out of how to make a good drink, this book has you covered.

Published in hardcover and full color, The PDT Cocktail Book also includes the history of various spirits, bar food recipes (hot dogs too, of course), and other ephemera, but based on the strength of its recipe list alone, it’s a big winner. (Hint: Use the index if you’re searching for a drink based on its main ingredient.)


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