Clonakilty Single Batch Double Oak Finish

Review: Clonakilty Double Oak Irish Whiskey

By Mike Gerrard | October 30, 2021 |

At the Clonakilty Distillery in southwest Ireland, they are definitely establishing terroir for their spirits. The barley for their whiskeys is grown on a 9th-generation family farm, they make a gin using whey from the farm and locally-foraged rock samphire, and their aging warehouse stands on top of 200-foot cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean just…

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Review: Ardbeg Wee Beastie 5 Years Old

By Mike Gerrard | August 11, 2020 |

For a distillery that releases premium whiskies at 24 and even 26 years old, and for which a 10 year old is comparatively young, releasing a 5 year old spirit is a bold move. But Islay’s Ardbeg is so confident of its success, though, that they are adding it to their core range, so I…

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