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How Do Celebrities Blend Wine? St Hugo’s Peter Munro on Virtual Blending with F1’s Daniel Ricciardo

By David Tao | January 15, 2023 |

With eight Grand Prix victories to his name, Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo is no stranger to the champion’s circle. The 33 year-old — who will drive for Red Bull Racing starting in 2023 — is also a lifelong wine fanatic, an interest sparked by his father, who emigrated from Italy. Over the past…

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Author David Jennings

Let’s Talk Turkey: An Interview With Rare Bird 101’s David Jennings

By Frank Dobbins | December 26, 2022 |

Author David Jennings is widely regarded as the most prominent Wild Turkey historian in the whiskey world. After spending years among the ranks of bourbon enthusiasts on Reddit, David’s insight on obscure laser codes and his methodical approach to identifying the characteristics of “Dusty Turkey” was rewarded with recognition in major publications. From there he…

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Sonic Enhancement and Masters of Whiskey: An Interview with Blackened’s Rob Dietrich

By David Tao | October 16, 2022 |

Rob Dietrich is a busy guy. As Master Distiller & Blender of Blackened — the whiskey brand co-founded by rock supergroup Metallica — he’s involved in almost every aspect of the company’s sourcing, blending, marketing, and even distribution. And while Blackened sources their distillate from other sources, its “Black Noise” aging process adds an additional…

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Uduimoh Umolu of Jon Basil Tequila

Black Owned and Millennial Founded: An Interview with Jon Basil’s Uduimoh Umolu

By David Tao | September 16, 2022 |

Over the past six years, a booming American market for agave spirits has produced a rush of both celebrity marketed brands and craft labels backed by multinational conglomerates. That means a number of small producers (including non-distilling producers) have focused on hyper-targeted demographics, often releasing product in just one or two metropolitan areas. Jon Basil…

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Trey Zoeller

Jefferson’s Founder Trey Zoeller Talks Bourbon Heritage and Making Kentucky “Cool”

By David Tao | September 4, 2022 |

In the age of bourbon sourcing, blending, and cask finishes, Jefferson’s Bourbon certainly stands out as a pioneer. Launched in 1997, the brand predates the 2010s “Bourbon Boom” by more than a decade, and Jefferson’s founder Trey Zoeller has witnessed most of the industry’s current trends since their inception. Indeed, Zoeller and his team were…

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Laurent Fresnet of Mumm Champagne

Champagne’s Challenge Is Consistency: An Interview with Maison Mumm Cellar Master Laurent Fresnet

By David Tao | August 24, 2022 |

For his first two years as Maison Mumm‘s Cellar Master, Laurent Fresnet connected with much of his audience from a distance. Fresnet assumed the role in January 2020. Just weeks later, worldwide lockdowns restricted travel and put a pause in his goal to meet face-to-face with consumers in the Champagne house’s international markets. That didn’t…

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Raj Bhakta Tasting

“History Itself in a Bottle”: An Interview with Raj Bhakta

By David Tao | April 28, 2022 |

Perennial spirits entrepreneur Raj Bhakta has already cemented himself as one of America’s most ambitious booze salesmen. He founded WhistlePig and helped create an entirely new generation of whiskey drinkers, with a heavy focus on premium rye. His second foray into the premium category took a decidedly upmarket turn with Bhakta, a brand based around…

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Jackie Zykan

Diversity, Data, and Change in Bourbon: An Interview with Old Forester’s Jackie Zykan

By David Tao | April 23, 2021 |

Old Forester’s Jackie Zykan is one of Kentucky bourbon’s most recognizable names. During her six-year tenure with the brand, Zykan has been equal parts whiskey maker and whiskey educator, giving numerous interviews and social media looks into her day-to-day as Old Forester’s Master Taster. And she’s notched more than a couple important milestones along the…

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