Review: Maddalena 2020 Merlot and 2021 Rose

Review: Maddalena 2020 Merlot and 2021 Rose

This wallet-friendly extension of Paso Robles-based San Antonio wines is named after its founder, Maddalena Riboli. Now in her mid-nineties, she remains actively involved as an advisor to day-to-day operations with no signs of slowing down. Here’s a look at two of the more recent bottlings in the company’s extensive portfolio of offerings:

2020 Maddalena Merlot – Certainly no absence of oak to be found here, with notes of cherry, plum, and sawdust taking turns against a touch of smoke cutting through it all. The oak appears as a constant through layers of fruit, spice, and smoke, developing over time on the palate. A short finish runs long on tannins and short on complexity. B / $17

2021 Maddalena Rose – Dry, with a gentle floral tone on the nose followed by a very subtle strawberry note developing after some time. The strawberry amplifies its presence on the palate, along with ripe grapefruit and green melon towards the finish. A lovely sipper at a solid price point, ready to be served with an appetizer or lighter dinner — but save it for the warmer months of the year. B+ / $16

2020 Maddalena Merlot




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