Review: Inchmoan 12 Year and 25 Years Old Single Malt (2017)

Review: Inchmoan 12 Year and 25 Years Old Single Malt (2017)

Western Highlands’ Loch Lomond has quite a few brands under its care. Aside from eponymous releases, the distillery serves as home Inchmurrin, Inchfad, Glen Douglas, Craiglodge, and Croftengea, amongst others. Over a dozen stills crafted in four different styles afford Loch Lomond the ability to be pretty versatile. Today’s consideration, Inchmoan, can be a bit tricky to locate stateside unless you live in an area with a top notch specialist. The hunt is well worth the effort.

Inchmoan 12 Years Old Single Malt – Perhaps I’m slightly biased by the arrival of autumn, but a light touch of campfire smoke on the nose is a welcoming, wonderful thing. There’s a mild phenolic note, but it does not dominate in the traditional Islay sense where peat is often king. Letting it rest and open up in the glass, notes of tropical fruit gradually make an appearance. The smoke becomes much more peated on the palate, and autumnal spices (cinnamon, ginger, orange zest) bring things to a long and lovely conclusion. There’s a lingering finish returning some smoke, but nothing overbearing. It’s a most ideal companion to have around a dusk campfire right before things get chilly, and a bargain well worth the search time to locate. 92 proof. A / $50 [BUY IT NOW FROM THE WHISKY EXCHANGE]

Inchmoan 1992/2017 25 Years Old Single Malt – There is a generous amount of lemon dominating the nose, with a bit of mango and banana showing after adding water. The mango carries forward on the palate along with minor notes of cereal and honey. Somewhat surprisingly, there’s a minimal influence of wood for an expression this age, and there’s much more peat smoke for an enduring finish heavy on sea salt and lemon. When contrasted against the 12 year, this is less of a great outdoors malt and more of a family glamping affair. 97.2 proof. A- / $250

I was wonderfully caught off guard by the quality of these selections, and I will most certainly be ordering bottles of each once the next paycheck rolls around. I would be remiss not to add that Inchmoan 12 could very well be one of the best bargain hunts available in 2020.

(A tip of the hat and much gratitude to Brett for sharing samples)

Inchmoan 12 Years Old Single Malt




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