Review: Grander Panama Rum Trophy Release (2020)

Review: Grander Panama Rum Trophy Release (2020)

Hot on the heels of its rye-finished special release, Grander Panama Rum is back with another special edition — or rather, the beginning of one. The plan is for Grander Trophy Release to drop in two batches each year. Each release will be a small batching of Panama-distilled rums, all between 8 and 15 years old.

It’s certainly an opulent rum, enchanting from every angle. Give the rum some time to settle down after pouring, then enjoy the nose that melds tropical fruit notes with a hint of coffee bean, saddle leather, coconut husk, and a thick smear of berry jam. Just a touch of hogo here. The palate bursts with a surprising rush of baking spice — not particularly evident on the nose — followed by layers of fruit slowly cascading into the background. Overripe pineapple, chewy nougat, cherry pits, and a stronger helping of hogo give it plenty of character. The finish is sweet but never overwhelming, with notes of fresh and dried fruits mingling nicely with a smoky note of barrel char.

110.4 proof. Reviewed: Batch #20A02.


Grander Panama Rum Trophy Release (2020)




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