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Review: Talisker 15 Years Old Limited Edition 2019

Our final look at the 2019 Diageo Special Releases takes us to Talisker on the Isle of Skye. Diageo says this whisky was aged in “unusual casks,” which, like those in the Singleton release, are freshly recharred American oak hogsheads.

A big slug of salt and seaweed kicks things off on the nose. Boldly briny and heavy with oak notes, it could easily be mistaken for Islay at first blush. On the palate, the salty elements are tempered by the rush of sweetness that quickly emerges, offering notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and some cocoa powder, all giving the whisky a distinct bourbonness to it, driven by that recharred barrel. As the finish approaches, so does a significant rush of fruit, all citrus and peaches and mashed banana, before a reprise of smoky seaweed notes come rushing back in like waves from the sea.

Talisker is rarely my go-to whisky, but this unique expression really manages to elevate the spirit and provide something out of the ordinary. Euros, give it a shot.

114.6 proof. Not available in the U.S.

B+ / £110 / malts.com

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Talisker 15 Years Old Limited Edition 2019



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