Review: Macchu Pisco “La Diablata” Pisco

Review: Macchu Pisco “La Diablata” Pisco

A new entry from Macchu Pisco (one of the bigger distributors of this Peruvian brandy worldwide, but whose standard product we’ve never reviewed), La Diablata is an “acholado” style pisco — a blend of three grapes: Quebranta, Moscatel, and Italia — which puts it in the same wheelhouse as Encanto.

La Diablata, as the name implies, is pungent and exotic. A funky nose, with evergreen overtones. The body offers more of that pine needle character, plus leather, and cedar (or at least cedar box) notes. Some stone fruit on the mid-palate… apricots, maybe. But that is fleeting before a traditional, funky pisco finish takes hold, leaving you with thoughts of roots, vines, and the earth.

80 proof.

B / $38 / 

Macchu Pisco "La Diablata" Pisco




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