Drinking and Dieting

Drinking and Dieting

Men’s Health outlines some excellent choices for cutting down on calories and fat while dining out and in — and they also include drinking options, including beer and cocktails.

“Healthiest” beer: Beck’s Premier Light (64 calories, 4 grams of carbs) — and Guinness Draught isn’t bad at 126 calories, 10 grams of carbs…
Worst for you: Sam Adams Cream Stout (190 calories, 24 grams of carbs)

As for cocktails, everyone knows the healthy way to drink is to go for the Bloody Mary or a Screwdriver.

A surprisingly bad choice: The Margarita. When made with the omnipresent margarita mix, each glass will set you back a whopping 500 calories (and 32 grams of carbs). Make it fresh if you want something remotely healthy — not to mention drinkable.

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