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Book Review: Wines and Vineyards of Burgundy

By Christopher Null | November 29, 2021 |

Everyone wine lover needs one shelf full of thick books about wine, and fans of France’s best region — depending on who you ask — won’t do much better than Camillo Favaro and Giampaolo Gravina’s Wines and Vineyards of Burgundy on that front. This dense and extensive tome — over 500 pages in length — is…

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Book Review: The Dogfish Head Book: 26 Years of Off-Centered Adventures

By Rob Theakston | November 2, 2021 |

Drinking a well-made beer is a simple joy often taken for granted. There are so many possible ways a brewmaster can deliver a beer that ruins the graceful experience. Overly hopped, out of balanced, excessively syruped, for example. There’s also the very real possibility that someone can write a book that makes drinking beer feel…

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Book Review: Spirits of the Otherworld

By Rob Theakston | September 23, 2021 |

Allison Crawbeck and Rhys Everett are the proprietors of the Last Tuesday Society’s Cocktail Bar, which is part of the Viktor Wynd museum. A quick search into Viktor Wynd reveals Vik to be a “pataphysicist, writer, curator, collector, dilettante, naturalist, and antiquarian… [who] has put on over 500 literary salons, curated over forty art exhibitions…

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Book Review: At Home in The Wine Country

By Rob Theakston | September 20, 2021 |

First, a bit of minor housekeeping: there are no wineries or wine to be found within the 240 pages of At Home In The Wine Country. Those would be found in the excellent companion volume The New Architecture of Wine: 25 Spectacular California Wineries which co-author Heather Sandy Herbert published back in 2019. So if…

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Book Review: Whisky Glory Taster’s Guide Volume #1: Tall Tales & True Stories, A Dewar’s Review Compendium

By Rob Theakston | June 19, 2021 |

Mark Garbin’s first kindle release, Whisky and Romance Manhattan – A Rare Neighborhood Guide to New York Bars & Restaurants: Thirty-Two Fantastic Whisky Palaces to Gaze, Cuddle and Drink Includes the Sexiest Bar In Manhattan, flew under my radar because I am not actively seeking cuddling spots or bars in Manhattan. On the upside: I…

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Book Review: The Japanese Art of the Cocktail

By Rob Theakston | June 18, 2021 |

Here’s a totally unsubstantiated hot take but one which seems to ring with clarity: when it comes to spirits, Japan remains light years ahead of the rest of the world. The overall quality, presentation, knowledge, craftsmanship, and level of expertise are second to none. One needs to look no further than a continuous onslaught of…

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Book Review: 101 Gins To Try Before You Die

By Christopher Null | May 8, 2021 |

Honestly, I don’t think there are 101 gins you need to try before you die. I would be surprised if there were 20. Ian Buxton makes a case for the former, however, in his slim, straightforward book — which was recently revised and updated, and it’s easy to get sucked in. The usual suspects are…

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Book Review: Be Your Own Bartender

By Christopher Null | April 25, 2021 |

I love a good infographic or flowchart, and I know I’m not alone. For Carey Jones and John McCarthy (a husband and wife team), getting you to your perfect cocktail is a matter of science, and Be Your Own Bartender is built around the idea that if you answer a few simple questions, you can…

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Book Review: Schumann’s Whisk(e)y Lexicon

By Rob Theakston | April 21, 2021 |

Even the staunchest of whiskey enthusiasts would be hard pressed to deny that the landscape of spirits has changed over the last two decades. The bourbon boom, followed by the insatiable demand for Japanese imports along with the increase in notoriety for high-end single malt Scotch and the recent craft renaissance have all diversified the…

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Book Review: Booze Cruise: A Tour of The World’s Essential Mixed Drinks

By Rob Theakston | March 16, 2021 |

Andre Darlington seems to be on quite a roll. The co-author of one of our favorite drinks books from 2020, Booze & Vinyl, returns in 2021 with Booze Cruise: A Tour of The World’s Essential Mixed Drinks, another 200+ page resource designed to help you find the right cocktail for the right occasion. Equal turns…

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