Review: 2022 Love Is Wine Chardonnay

Review: 2022 Love Is Wine Chardonnay

If you’ve missed the Netflix series Love Is Blind, well, good news — it’s streaming, so you can catch up right away. (Pro tip: Don’t miss Love Is Blind Japan.)

One of the curious things about this dating show — where the participants have to propose without ever seeing the other person — is that they are drinking, like, all the time — and always out of opaque golden goblets, even when they get home from the “dating pods.”

Now here’s some even better news: Now you too can experience the joy of drinking from one of those golden goblets, and you can fill it with Love Is Blind‘s own brand of chardonnay, too! OK, it’s just Cupcake Chardonnay — in this case, a 2022 California bottling. They call it Love Is Wine. Everybody getting it who’s gonna get it?

Let’s give it a try.

Well, Cupcake Chardonnay isn’t known for its subtlety, and this is no exception. The nose has a certain solvent aroma, with overtones of dried oak chips and dried apple slices. On the palate, a doctored vanilla and Sweet’N Low character dominates, which fortunately distracts from the more chemical-driven elements in the wine. There’s a further surprise in the form of notes of gummy peach candy and guava on the finish, fading into bubblegum. It’s an objectively terrible way to end things — just like many of the relationships on the show, amirite?

As for the goblet, it’s lovely (and gets really cold)… but it’s sold separately. Get it for $20 at the Netflix shop.

D- / $15 /

2022 Love Is Wine Chardonnay




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