Review: Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Premium Cocktail

By Robert Strohmeyer | April 29, 2023 |

In a collaboration that has taken entirely too long to bring to fruition, Jack Daniel’s has at last partnered with Coca-Cola to produce a canned, ready-to-drink rendition of one of the most classic American cocktails. As a Southern-born American man of the 1970s, I hold a special place in my heart for the sweet caramel…

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Review: Vaqit Vodka Soda Cocktails, Complete Lineup

By Robert Strohmeyer | April 28, 2023 |

Summer sipping on the beach, the patio, or the tailgate now affords a dizzying array of ready-to-drink cocktail options to meet all tastes. On the lighter side, we’ve got Vaqit, a simple line of vodka-soda drinks with a low alcohol content of only 4%. These drinks are squarely designed for health-conscious people who want to…

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