Review: 2005 Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Westside Road Neighbors

Last night I splurged on this bottle of Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir. It may be the most I’ve ever spent on a 750ml bottle of wine in a restaurant, and it is arguably one of the best bottles I’ve ever drank, too. (The price below is the retail cost.) Williams-Selyem’s Westside Road Neighbors Pinot Noir comes,…

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Winebloggin’ Episode II

The winemaking process continues over at Wired… Related Stories: Winebloggin’ Episode IV Now Live Winebloggin’ Episode V… Last Until 2009 Winebloggin’: The Final Chapter TapInfluence Interviews Editor in Chief Christopher Null

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Taking “the Fun Out of Booze”

All of the hangover, none of the glory. An experimental drug that blocks the euphoric feelings associated with drinking may prevent alcoholics from relapsing. The finding, the result of a mouse study at Oregon Health & Science University, could lead to human clinical trials within the next year. Good news for alcoholics and fraternities who…

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Review: Prairie Organic Vodka

Like you, when I think “vodka,” I immediately think “Minnesota.” Wait, what? Shocking, but it’s true: One of the best vodkas going right now is from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, right here in the U. S. of A. Strange, sure, but like Tito and Boomerang have proven, good vodka need not come from frozen,…

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Winebloggin’ at Wired

In the world of wine gadgets, there are fancy thermometers, cool glasses, and high-end corkscrews. And then there is WinePod, which lets you make your own wine, 48 bottles at a time, from frozen grapes, year-round. I installed a WinePod in my house last week, and my first 150 pounds of grapes go into it…

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Q: What Do You Do With 900 Tons of Broken Booze Bottles?

A: Landscape. Broken glass, 900 tons of broken bottles, is the key ingredient for the project alongside the interstate. “On the surface it may seem like a kooky idea,” said Caltrans spokesman Mark Dinger. “We’re putting it in an elevated area where pedestrians are not allowed.” The new landscaping is carrying on the new color…

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Beer is Back, Baby!

This is from a press release from Anheuser-Busch, so take its findings with a grain of salt. But the upshot seems to be true: People, particularly 30-to-49-year-olds, are drinking more beer. The annual Consumption Habits poll, released Friday through Gallup’s Web site, shows that in combined data from Gallup’s 2004 and 2005 Consumption surveys, drinkers…

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Review: Knob Creek Bourbon 9 Years Old (2008)

The unofficial well Bourbon at Drinkhacker HQ? Knob Creek. It’s 100 proof, so it can get a little hot when drinking straight, but add a touch of water and KC mellows out nicely. “The Creek” has everything you want in a Bourbon without being too complicated. Mild vanilla and toasty oak notes, backed up with…

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