Review: Belvedere Vodka

Any vodka named after a lovable TV butler can’t be bad. Alas, Belvedere, a Polish vodka distilled from rye and one of the older guards of the super-premium vodka space, isn’t entirely the hit that its namesake (OK, not really) was. There’s strong vanilla on the nose of the 80-proof spirit, but the taste is…

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At Last, Someone Has Bottled the Flavor of Smog

Finishing up my last day of a long trip to the California wine country (full report to follow later this week), but this came across the wire today and it was too good not to post: “ABSOLUT Vodka Puts a Spotlight on Los Angeles with New Limited-Edition, City-Inspired Flavor” Absolut New Orleans debuted last year,…

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Review: La Fee Absinthe Parisienne

This new kid on the U.S. market arrived on our shores only a month ago: La Fée Absinthe Parisienne was the first absinthe to be commercially produced (starting in 1998) since the country’s ban of the spirit in 1915. Absinthe purists will appreciate its grand wormwood base, but the bright green color (yep, that’s the…

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Review: Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

The crazy paper-and-metal-holding-ring label system doesn’t make Basil Hayden’s taste any better, but it does at lease make for a nice conversation piece. The thing looks like it belongs in an Old West saloon, but Basil Hayden is a far cry from rotgut firewater. This is classy, easygoing bourbon, pure and simple. Basil Hayden’s is…

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Review: Sandeman Tawny Port 20 Years Old (2008)

I always seem to have a bottle of Port open and at the ready… but never get around to drinking it. Memo to self: Drink more Porto. Sandeman’s 20 Year Tawny is a nicely mellowed tawny, not too rich or sweet (which I know turns many Port drinkers off), but still bearing some nice complexity.…

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Review: Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

With its squat bottle reminiscent of those they sell iced tea in and an almost gaudy black-and-gold label (yeah, that’s a golden potato instead of an O), Karlsson’s Gold Vodka won’t be easily missed in a sea of etched-label, oversized bottles of the stuff. But Karlsson’s isn’t bottom-shelf swill. Created by Börje Karlsson, the “Father…

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Here Comes the King Here Comes the Big Number One

“Anheuser-Busch reportedly has agreed to be acquired by Belgian brewer InBev for $49.9 billion.” America’s biggest brewer is now… Belgian. Related Stories: TapInfluence Interviews Editor in Chief Christopher Null Welcome to Drinkhacker 2018 Drinkhacker’s Turning 10, and You’re Winning a Bottle of Booker’s Bourbon! Review: Starr Hill King of Hop 2015 and Soul Shine (2015)

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Review: Cielo Tequila, Complete Lineup

The tassels. All month long they’ve been talking about the tassels, the ones that adorn the three bottles of Cielo tequila that have been anxiously awaiting review on the bar. But there’s more to Cielo than just a pretty face. This is good tequila across the line. All are 80 proof and, of course, 100…

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