Recipe: Jett Vodka G5

The name of this cocktail — designed for downing on New Years Eve — from the folks at Jett Vodka is downright awful, but it sounds really delicious. I’ll be making one up as soon as I can wrangle a few grapefruit. Jett Vodka G5 1 oz. Jett Vodka 1 oz. Limoncello 1/2 oz. fresh…

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Review: Sol Mexican Beer (2008)

Sol, where have you been all my life? On a lark, I ordered a bottle of Sol — a brand I’d been wholly unfamiliar with — during a quick Mexican dinner this evening. That rapidly turned into a second, which disappeared as quickly as the first. Sol is a traditional Mexican brew that dates back…

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How Cold Is It?

It’s snowing in Napa. Photo from CADE Winery on Howell Mountain. Related Stories: Tasting Report: Wines of Howell Mountain 2009 Tasting Report: Wines of Howell Mountain 2012 Tasting Report: Wines of Howell Mountain 2015 Review: Wines of Arkenstone, 2007 Vintage

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Review: Boca Loca Cachaca

Boca Loca is another good cachaca to recently hit the market — and with its lipstick-scrawled-on-glass packaging it immediately presents itself as an uncomplicated product designed for the masses. I expect any drinker would have an easy time approaching this cachaca, which tastes and smells not of the spirit’s typical gasoline but rather of charred…

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Review: Indio Vodkas

As promised yesterday, today we’re plowing through the five vodkas (one straight, four flavored) from Portland’s Indio Spirits. All five are 80-proof and distilled from rye, then filtered through charcoal-activated coconut husks. (All the vodkas are uncolored, too, and feature very approachable prices.) Indio Silver Edition Vodka – This is the straight, unflavored vodka, and…

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Review: Snake River Stampede Canadian Whisky

Designed in all ways — from the name to the bottle to what’s inside — Snake River Stampede Canadian Whisky is a frontier-styled cowboy whiskey through and through. Aged eight years, though, this ain’t saloon rotgut but rather a surprisingly erudite whiskey that would be at home in a high-class bar as it would on…

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Original “Recipe”: The Chick-fil-A Cocktail

Yes, I’ve been known to make a cocktail on a dare. This one was from a late-night challenge to come up with a cocktail inspired by one of the most hallowed of fast food items in the Drinkhacker household: The Chick-fil-A chicken nugget. It’s unlikely to make anyone’s regular cocktail hour rotation, but it’s certainly…

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Review: Hint Flavored Water

Another solid contender in the lightly flavored water category: Hint is mild — but distinctly — flavored, all natural and with no sweeteners added. I tried two varieties: Strawberry-Kiwi and Cucumber. 13 flavors are currently available in total. I found both versions very good, though obviously different as night and day. The cucumber version is…

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