Tequila Cocktails from Don Julio

Spend last night at an epic (10 dishes!) dinner thrown by the good folks at Don Julio Tequila (reviews here), showing off how Don Julio products work as a cocktail recipe component — and how those cocktails fit with food (turns out, quite well). Not a bad cocktail among the bunch — though the fan…

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Pepsi and Mountain Dew to Offer Cane Sugar Versions

“Mexican Cokes” — imported cola sweetened with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup — are all the rage right now, mainly because they’re perceived as a healthier (or at least less full of chemicals) way to drink soda. Many believe they taste better, too, but side by side, tasted blind, the differences are…

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Review: Double Cross Vodka (2009)

Nothing sinister about the name, I assure you. Double Cross refers two, well, two crosses, as seen on the label and on the coat of arms of Slovakia, the country from which this vodka hails. There are certainly other Slovak vodkas out there, but this is the only one I’ve tried to date. Distilled seven…

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Review: Fever-Tree Ginger Ale

Well known for its line of artisan mixers, Fever-Tree is definitely a brand to watch out for if you’re looking to elevate your simplest of cocktails (gin and tonic, scotch and soda, or whatnot) to something more impressive. After all, a tall gin & tonic is probably 70% tonic, depending on your glass, so the…

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Review: Canadian Club 30 Years Old

Celebrating 150 years of whiskymaking, Canadian Club recently put out a very limited edition 30-year-old bottling. With just 3000 bottles produced (there’s no mention of it on the Canadian Club website), finding it might be tough. But if you track it down, here’s what you should expect the experience to be like. Bright amber in…

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Review: Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon 1999 Vintage

While Evan Williams may be best known for it’s $9.49 black label bourbon, the fact is the company makes a wide range of whiskeys spanning a range of price levels. While not its most expensive concoction, this vintage-dated, single-barrel bourbon is near the top for the company, though at just $30 a bottle (sometimes less),…

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Review: Right Gin

Who knew they made gin in Sweden? Right Gin may in fact be the only gin from Sweden, but remember that gin is really just flavored vodka, which Sweden certainly knows from Adam. The flavor choices here are largely traditional — juniper, coriander, cardamom, and a variety of citrus botanicals (including lemon as well as…

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Taste the Rainbow, Then Pass Out Drunk

How to make Skittles infused vodka. I love it! Now I wonder… what other candies would make a good vodka? Related Stories: Cocktail Recipes: Get Drunk for Inauguration Day! Recipe: Pass the Turkey Recipes: A Taste of New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2017 Is It Worse to Drive Drunk or on the Cell Phone?

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