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Review: Rokk Vodka

The noble country of Sweden brings us this new vodka, Rökk — a name meant to invoke “on the rocks,” the way it might best be consumed, but which doesn’t really mean anything in Swedish. Distilled from unspecified grains, it is available straight and in a variety of flavors. Its claim to fame: A “freeze…

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Review: Glenfarclas 40 Years Old

One does not often get the chance to use “40 years old” and “value whisky” in the same review, but Glenfarclas 40 is exactly that: The most reasonably-priced 40 year old single malt that you may ever encounter. The quality here is exceptional: Glenfarclas 40 is intensely sherried, with big orange peel character at play…

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Review: Aha Toro Tequila, Complete Lineup

This Highlands tequila brand — a sister of the much-admired Amigo bf4e — is 100% agave, 80 proof, and comes in strikingly eye-catching bottles. We sampled all three expressions of this heftily agave-infused tequila. Opinions follow. Aha Toro Blanco Tequila – Peppery and herbal, with huge agave notes and a finish that hints at petrol.…

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Review: Bear Flag Wines, Non-Vintage

Bear Flag operates out of Modesto, but its grapes come from all over California. The company focuses on four very affordable, non-vintage wines, each with distinct personalities — and eye-catching, post-industrial label designs — meant to invoke a theme and inform you exactly what you’re getting before you ever crack open the bottle. We tried…

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TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Brewery Tours

Getting to wander around a brewery and sample a few beers along the way is one of life’s great little pleasures. TripAdvisor recently scoured its consumer ratings to figure out whose tour is best. These are the top ten. Check out TripAdvisor for more sudsy travel goodness. 1. Beechwood Best: Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour, Saint…

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Review: Darnley’s View Gin

Wemyss (pronounced “WEEMS”) is well-known for its line of Scotch whiskys, and now the Wemyss family is taken an enormous leap into the world of white spirits, offering its first ever gin. Darnley’s View is a London Dry Gin, flavored with just six botanicals, a scant number in a world of gins that commonly see…

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Review: Michael-David’s Incognito Wines, 2010 Releases

Miachel-David is a winery in California’s Lodi region, where it produces wine under a half-dozen or so labels, especially the Zinfandels for which the region is so well-known. Incognito is a label with two wines, both oddball blends. We tried both of the wines from the latest vintage, which have seen new labeling and branding.…

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