Review: High West Barreled Manhattan “The 36th Vote”

If a cocktail requires no fresh juices or other highly perishable ingredients, why not just bottle it outright? That’s the idea behind High West’s Barreled Manhattan: It’s a Manhattan cocktail pre-bottled and ready to go. Now this isn’t some rotgut nonsense, 10 percent alcohol bullshit in a single-serve bottle. It’s the real deal, and top…

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A Fungus Among Us

When in Kentucky, most of the distillery warehouses were covered in black mold. I asked one guide why they painted their buildings black (I had assumed to keep them warm) — but she basically said so you couldn’t see the mold. Turns out Bourbon country is not alone. Wired has the scoop on how neighborhoods…

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Review: Last Round Hangover Support

Promoted heavily alongside The Hangover Part II, Last Round is another entry into the long line of “shots” meant to make tomorrow, as they say, a better day. The ingredients are curious: Kudzu, stevia, green tea, ginkgo, and Ural licorice extracts. No crazy chemicals. Not even any B or C vitamins, staples of the hangover…

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Review: Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Style Beers

Alexander Keith was a Scotsman who moved to Canada in the early 1800s. He got into the beer business and started making Scottish-style brews. 200 years later, his company is still going and it’s bringing three new beers to America — they’re actually new versions of the company’s Canadian brews, which are slightly different. These…

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Review: 2006 St. Francis Merlot Sonoma County

Merlot Day has come and gone, but considering how poorly Merlot wine has been selling (ever since Sideways, it’s true), there’s plenty of the stuff on the market ripe for the picking. Merlot of course has gotten a terribly bad rap in the last seven years. A lot of juice on the market is incredibly…

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Recipe: Drinkhacker’s Sangrita

My secret sangrita recipe on Food Republic. Dig in! Related Stories: Review: Tequila Tamer Sangrita TapInfluence Interviews Editor in Chief Christopher Null Welcome to Drinkhacker 2018 Drinkhacker’s Turning 10, and You’re Winning a Bottle of Booker’s Bourbon!

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Review: Jose Cuervo Low-Cal Margarita/No-Cal Margarita Mixes

Pre-bottled margarita mix is certainly one of the biggest scams perpetrated on the American public since the Flowbee. Really, people, how hard is squeezing out some lime juice and adding a little sweetener, if you’re so inclined? And yet the just-add-tequila margarita mix remains and, judging by the vast amount of shelf space these mixes…

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Review: Becherovka Original Liqueur

For 200 years, Becherovka liqueur has been a Czech staple. Now it’s arriving on our shores, courtesy of Pernod Ricard. This strange, secret recipe spirit is nothing if not unique. The nose brings big, almost straightforward cinnamon, anise,$26/  and allspice notes. But taking a sip provides a vastly different experience. Initially quite sweet, Becherovka quickly…

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