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Recipes for National Margarita Day 2019

By Kim Richards | February 21, 2019 |

This year National Margarita Day is on Friday, February 22nd. That’s right… an actual Friday! With these awesome margarita recipes, you can toast National Margarita Day many times over. Serve them up with our Margarita Glazed Baby Back Ribs (recipe included below) for a hit. ¡Salud! Blood Orange Margarita from Parker and Quinn 1 1/2 oz.…

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Review: 15 Single Barrel Tequilas from the New Hampshire Liquor Commission

By Christopher Null | September 16, 2018 |

Drinkhacker and the state of New Hampshire go way back. That’s because the Granite State is a control state, and it also buys a ton of liquor — rarities, single barrels, and the like — to sell at its state-run stores. The Hampshirites then send us samples of these spirits for us to taste and review…

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Recipes for National Margarita Day 2018

By Kim Richards | February 21, 2018 |

February 22nd is National Margarita Day — the day to serve up pitchers of margaritas along with some Mexican delights, like our Mexican Spiced Chicken Thighs. Since most people have a good grasp on making the basic margarita, today we want to showcase a few interesting variations. Vanilla Pear Margarita by Lauren Lester, Wicked Spatula…

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Review: Nine Single Barrel Bourbons from the New Hampshire Liquor Commission – Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, Jack Daniel’s, and Russell’s Reserve

By Christopher Null | February 8, 2018 |

The state that brought you 15 barrels of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and 9 single barrel tequilas is back again with a mountain of single barrel bourbons from some of the biggest names in the industry. The New Hampshire Liquor Commission recently went down south and came back with a whopping 62 barrels of spirits from just…

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Understanding the Different Styles of Tequila

By Ivan Lauer | September 29, 2017 |

Like rum, tequila is a versatile spirit: it can be consumed straight or mixed into a wide variety of cocktails, it can make sweet drinks or savory, it’s appropriate for a night on the town or curled up by the fire at home. But there are so many different styles of tequila, it can get…

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Cocktails for Father’s Day 2017 – Plus Bourbon Balls!

By Kim Richards | June 17, 2017 |

Dads deserve to kick back with an action flick (or whatever their preferred genre) and a cocktail made just for them. Give him a break from the honey-do list this Father’s Day with these ten cocktail choices. And hey, we didn’t forget his sweet tooth either. Let’s say it together: “Bourbon Balls!” Let’s start with…

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Salud! Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo 2017

By Kim Richards | May 5, 2017 |

When the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo comes up, most of us automatically think “margarita” and “party.” We also love both of those; however, sometimes it’s fun to get outside the box. Here are several cocktails which are either margarita hybrids or inspired by the beauty and independent spirit of Mexico. Give these cinco…

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Drinkhacker’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Best Alcohol/Spirits for Christmas

By Christopher Null | December 22, 2016 |

Our ninth year is under our belt, and that means our ninth annual installment of the Drinkhacker holiday gift guide — our “best stuff of the year awards” — is here. As always, the list gives you the lowdown on some of the best-rated products we reviewed over the last 12 months, with at least some…

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Recipes for National Tequila Day, 2015

By Rob Theakston | July 21, 2015 |

As with most holidays held in the summer, this one seems as if it should have its own weekend and not a single date. However, with July 24th falling on a Friday, it should be easy to stretch this one out over three days, no problem. Here are a few recipes sent to us from…

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Drinkhacker’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide – Best Alcohol/Spirits for Christmas

By Christopher Null | November 28, 2014 |

Can it be time for the holidays already? We’ve been utterly swamped in 2014 with new products for review, which makes this seventh annual edition of the Drinkhacker holiday gift guide — our “best stuff of the year awards” — all the tougher to produce. As usual, we are looking not just at what the very…

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