While wine can be made from many types of fruits and flowers, it is iconically produced from fermented grapes. Wine production dates back at least 8000 years, and today it is produced in quantity in more than 70 countries, with Italy, Spain, France, and the United States the largest producers of wine today. The world of wine is vast and complex, with more than 10,000 grape varietals in existence. This is largely due to experimental cross-breeding and grafting that has taken place for millennia, and such experiments have led to some of today’s most popular grape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The primary styles of wine today include red, white, and rose. While almost all grape juice itself is white, red wine is made by allowing the juice from black (aka red) grapes to ferment in contact with its skins, while white wine is usually (but not always) made from white grapes. Rose wine is made from black grapes with limited skin contact, which provides the pinkish color.

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Review: Vignette Wine Country Soda

By Christopher Null | September 6, 2008 |

It’s grape juice for grown-ups: With its Wine Country Sodas, Vignette takes the juice of real wine grapes — Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc & Grenache — adds a little fizz, and puts it into single-serve bottles. But no alcohol, making them perfect for lunchtime, picnics, or those who can’t (or don’t want to)…

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Review: 2006 Palin Syrah

By Christopher Null | September 1, 2008 |

Booze humor is big at Drinkhacker HQ, which is the only reason why a bottle of Palin Syrah was purchased today. Sarah Palin… Palin Syrah… get it? Well, some comedy is better if you’re drunk, I guess. Palin is an organically-grown wine from Limari Valley, Chile. As quaffs go, it’s dusty and tight, and tastes…

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Event Report: Slow Food Nation 2008

By Christopher Null | September 1, 2008 |

By now the “Slow Food” movement (get it?) should need no introduction. But for the uninitiated, the idea is to eat local, sustainable, organic, and unprocessed food, as much as possible. They’re big on veggies, biodiversity, and all that other good stuff. Hey, I’m all for it. Lord knows I need no more high fructose…

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Tasting Report: Family Winemakers of California 2008

By Christopher Null | August 27, 2008 |

If you hang around the wine and spirits business for long, you get used to hyperbole. So of course I took the claims of the Family Winemakers of California event with a grain of salt, which swear that it’s “the largest tasting of California wines in the world.” That’s a bold statement for such a…

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Winebloggin’ Episode V… Last Until 2009

By Christopher Null | August 27, 2008 |

Finally, the grandest of the grand sagas of my home wine experience. It’s now in the barrel, where it will sit for 5-6 months until we can drink it. Stay tuned! Read the epic story at!

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U.S. to Become #1 Wine Market By 2011

By Christopher Null | August 22, 2008 |

Turns out it’s not just those sophisticated Frenchies that like wine: Overall wine consumption in the United States rose 3.2 percent in 2007 to 292.1 million 9-liter cases, according the Beverage Information Group’s recently released 2008 Wine Handbook. This marks the fourteenth consecutive year of case gains, indicating positive long-term health and sustainability for the…

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Review: 2005 Pahlmeyer Jayson Red

By Christopher Null | August 21, 2008 |

Pahlmeyer produces some impressive high-end wines. The juice that doesn’t go into them goes into this second label, “Jayson.” (You know it’s from Pahlmeyer by the distinctive cursive label and a tiny note on the back of the bottle.) Jayson Red also doesn’t indicate what’s in it, but it’s actually a Bordeaux blend of 73%…

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Winebloggin’ Episode IV Now Live

By Christopher Null | August 20, 2008 |

More of my experiences are now up on Wired about makin’ wine in the comfort of your own bathtub… the press and barrelling happens on Saturday, so expect the gory details of Episode V in the near future!

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How Restaurant Wine Pricing Works

By Christopher Null | August 16, 2008 |

Great piece in the Wall Street Journal, which asks why a 2004 Opus One costs $195 at Houston’s in San Francisco but $425 at NoMI in Chicago. Lots of reasons are in play: The fancier the restaurant (and fancier the wine service), the more you’ll pay. The more competition for high-end wine there is in…

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Review: 2005 Sean Thackrey Orion

By Christopher Null | August 12, 2008 |

When last I drink Orion, it was the 1995 vintage, which I rated a (very) rare A+. I thought I’d never have Orion again, but then I was surprised with a whole case of 2005 Orion (plus a bottle of that ’95). I cracked open bottle #1 tonight to see what might have changed in…

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