Tennessee Whiskey

The subject of eternal debate among whiskey enthusiasts, Tennessee whiskey is technically a type of bourbon. It must be produced to the same specifications as bourbon: at least 51% corn, aged in new, charred oak containers, and bottled at a minimum of 80 proof. Unsurprisingly, it must also be produced in the state of Tennessee. The most unique requirement, however, is that it must use the Lincoln County Process in its production. While most whiskey is filtered through activated charcoal before bottling, the Lincoln County Process is a more elaborate filtration procedure that uses sugar maple charcoal before it goes into the barrel. The result is a “mellowing” of the whiskey, as well as unique maple and smoke notes in many expressions. The most famous Tennessee whiskey, and also the best-selling American whiskey in the world, is Jack Daniel’s. There are only a few other Tennessee whiskey producers today, partly owing to Jack Daniel’s dominance of the category and also because Tennessee, until the 2010s, heavily restricted the production of alcohol in the state.

Top Tennessee Whiskey Posts:

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Review: Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Black Label Premium Whiskey

By Drew Beard | March 1, 2023 |

Uncle Nearest will likely be catching its breath for a bit in 2023 after their rapid launch of new releases to close out 2022. We’ve already covered the trifecta of new rye whiskey offerings, the last of which was a single barrel distillery exclusive. As if to remind their adoring fans they hadn’t completely forgotten…

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Review: George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey Reserve 17 Years Old (2022)

By Christopher Null | December 24, 2022 |

Dickel has been cranking out special edition whiskeys with double-digit ages as part of its ongoing Bottled in Bond series for a few years now. But for the holidays, the distillery has dropped an even older bottling that hits a full 17 years of age, though it’s not bonded, entering the bottle at 46% abv.…

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Review: Pigeon River Tennessee Whiskey

By Christopher Null | November 20, 2022 |

The Covered Bridges Whiskey Company (TCBWC) is best known for its Ruddell’s Mill Kentucky bourbon. Now its out with a companion brand, Pigeon River, which is a sourced Tennessee whiskey made with the Lincoln County Process of undergoing charcoal filtration before it is aged. There’s a lot of info provided about the Pigeon River Bridge,…

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Review: George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey Bottled in Bond 13 Years Old (2022)

By Christopher Null | October 10, 2022 |

Dickel’s well-priced, top-shelf Bottled in Bond release has become an annual affair, now in its fourth edition. For two of the first three years, the BiB bottling has been a 13 year old, as it is once again for 2022. Dickel’s 2020 is the lone outlier, a whiskey distilled in fall 2008 and bottled at…

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Review: Jacob’s Pardon American Whiskey #2 8 Years Old

By Robert Lublin | September 21, 2022 |

We recounted the story behind Jacob’s Pardon in our review of their two 15-year-old whiskeys and 8-year-old Small Batch American Whiskey Recipe #1. Today we are trying the second release of the younger offering. For Recipe #2, Master Blender (and well-known spirits writer) Paul Pacult took a very different approach. The earlier release included MGP…

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Review: Cascade Moon Rye 13 Years Old and Barrel Proof Spirit 15 Years Old

By Christopher Null | August 8, 2022 |

Cascade Moon — the upscale sub-brand of George Dickel — recently dropped two new releases. Also dropped has been the numbering system which came with its first two whiskies, dubbed No. 1 and No. 2. Going forward, Cascade Moon bottlings will be distinguished by unique labels and descriptive naming systems explaining exactly what’s in the…

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Tasting Report: Jack Rose Premier Drams 2022

By Drew Beard | August 5, 2022 |

It was a terrible, no-good two years for in-person spirits events (make that in-person events of any kind), but things are finally, thankfully starting to return to normal. Chris noted (with some surprise) that Whiskies of the World held its San Francisco event last fall but at a reduced scale. Washington, D.C.’s famous Jack Rose…

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Review: Jack Daniel’s Bonded and Triple Mash Whiskey

By Christopher Null | June 21, 2022 |

Jack Daniel’s has been on a tear of late, dropping special editions and permanent line extensions like JD 10 Years Old left and right. It’s odd that JD calls these two new whiskeys “the first super premium line extension in 25 years,” but I’m not sure what qualifies as “super premium” under Jack’s rubric, so…

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Review: Sweetens Cove Kennessee Bourbon

By Drew Beard | May 22, 2022 |

On the back label for their newest release, Sweetens Cove asks: “Did we just become best friends?” That question seems intended for any number of recipients including, most obviously, consumers, but also the rival whiskey-producing states from which these bourbons are sourced and perhaps even to Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly fans (Google it).…

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Review: Bardstown Bourbon Founders KBS Stout Finish

By Drew Beard | March 31, 2022 |

In addition to its steady stream of Fusion and Discovery Series offerings, Bardstown Bourbon Co. has a robust portfolio of finished whiskeys. We’ve covered several of their impressive wine-finished installments done in collaboration with Phifer Pavvitt and The Prisoner Wine Company, but the finishing regimen also extends to cognac, sherry, and even beer. Recently, the distillery…

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