American Single Malt Whiskey

American single malt does not officially exist (yet) as a legally defined category of whiskey in the United States, but producers generally adhere to the same regulations observed in Scotland. It is produced at a single, U.S. distillery from 100% malted barley, distilled to 160 proof, and bottled at no less than 80 proof. American single malt is often aged in used cooperage, like its counterparts overseas. On the other hand, “American straight malt” – which is a legally defined category – must be aged in new oak containers for a minimum of 2 years, echoing the rules for other categories of American whiskey. Today, American producers continue to experiment with barrel regimens for this emerging category.

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Review: Grand Teton Private Stock American Single Malt 7 Years Old

By Christopher Null | October 20, 2023 |

  Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery makes a pretty impressive bourbon (plus lots of vodka) and now it’s following the masses into that rising American whiskey category — American single malt. This expression is made from 100% Idaho-grown malted barley and is (wisely) aged in used bourbon barrels instead of new barrels for a whopping 7…

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Reflections on a Craft: An Interview with St. George Distillery’s Lance Winters

By Drew Beard | October 13, 2023 |

Today, there are over 2300 craft distilleries operating across the country, but back in the 1980s, when St. George got its start in northern California, there were barely a handful. The distillery’s founder, Jörg Rupf, was one of the godfathers of the craft distilling movement, but his passions were initially pretty narrow, focusing on eaux-de-vie…

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Review: Virginia Distillery Co. Courage & Conviction Double Cask Reserve

By Drew Beard | October 7, 2023 |

Virginia Distillery Co. has spent the last two years promoting a line extension of Courage & Conviction expressions and their single cask, limited edition siblings, all of which are pulled from individual components of the flagship Courage & Conviction. For the latest addition to their portfolio, this highly regarded American single malt maker is getting…

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Review: Jack Daniel’s American Single Malt

By Christopher Null | September 28, 2023 |

The famed Tennessee Whiskey company has been on a tear of late, dropping three different ryes in the last three months alone. Now it’s setting its sites on something entirely new: its first permanent edition American single malt — finished in oloroso sherry casks, no less. Ready for the back story? Here’s the details from…

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Review: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Red Wine Cask Batch 5 (2023)

By Christopher Null | September 10, 2023 |

It’s time for another experimental, Distillery Exclusive release from Stranahan’s. As always, this starts with Colorado single malt, this time finished for at least three years in red wine casks — a mix of Bordeaux and pinot noir. Total aging time is seven years in barrel, the first four years spent in a Level 4…

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Review: Virginia Distillery Co. Scholar’s Craft American Single Malt

By Robert Strohmeyer | August 18, 2023 |

Touting “Coffee Cask” aging on its label, Virginia Distillery Co.’s Scholar’s Craft American Single Malt Whisky immediately caught my attention. As lover of all things coffee, I was intrigued by the proposition of a 100% barley single malt aged in former bourbon casks and finished in coffee barrels. Virginia Distillery Co. is well known for…

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Review: Griffo Distillery Still Waldos Single Malt Whiskey with Hops

By Christopher Null | August 9, 2023 |

Griffo Distillery can be found in Petaluma, California. Around the corner lies Lagunitas Brewing, one of the kings of the craft beer scene, especially on the west coast. Lagunitas’s most prized brew is The Waldos, a triple IPA that is released as a highly limited one-off each April. (I’ve had it once. It was delicious.)…

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Tasting Report: Virginia Spirits Expo 2023

By Drew Beard | August 8, 2023 |

Now in its second year, the Virginia Spirits Expo is expanding to include four different events across the state. I attended the first of these in Charlottesville over the summer where more than two dozen Virginia distillers were on hand to share their labors of love. It was unseasonably warm at Ix Art Park that…

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Clermont Steep

Review: Clermont Steep American Single Malt

By David Tao | July 22, 2023 |

The American Single Malt category is booming. And though the movement was largely spearheaded by craft producers, major distillers — including the bourbon world’s biggest producers — are hopping on the train. Actually, it’s more accurate to say they did so years ago, because that distillate has now come of age. A prime example is…

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Blending Whiskey Traditions: An Interview with Keeper’s Heart’s David Perkins

By Drew Beard | July 1, 2023 |

I probably don’t need to tell you who David Perkins is, but here goes. A true craft whiskey pioneer, he founded High West Distillery in Park City, Utah way back in 2006, practically an eternity ago in the craft distilling world. Over the course of ten years, he built High West into one of the…

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