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Review: 4 Copas Tequila, Complete Lineup

By Christopher Null | June 15, 2008 |

Organic tequila? Why not? Tequila (real, good tequila, anyway) is made entirely out of one plant, the agave, so if you can raise it organically, you’re pretty much making organic tequila. (Making an organic gin, say, with its myriad botanical ingredients, would be considerably more difficult.) 4 Copas (translation: “4 cups,” from a saying that…

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Review: Rubi Rey Rum

By Christopher Null | June 9, 2008 |

The red bottle screams gimmick, but the rum inside is legit: Rubi Rey, I’m happy to report, is one of the best white rums on the market, and a good deal, to boot. Finished in white oak and marketed as a “single barrel” rum, Rubi Rey offers a very clean sugary rum flavor and a…

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Review: 2005 Luke Donald Collection Napa Valley

By Christopher Null | June 3, 2008 |

For those whose TVs remain off on Sunday afternoon, Luke Donald is a PGA golfer, and Luke Donald Collection is his new wine label. Produced in the Rutherford region of Napa Valley (and blended from grapes grown throughout Napa), the otherwise unnamed Luke Donald Collection red is a Bordeaux-style blend of 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 43%…

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Review: Van Gogh Flavored Vodkas, 2008 Releases

By Christopher Null | June 2, 2008 |

Maybe if Vincent Van Gogh had had vodka like this he wouldn’t have had to cut off his ear. Van Gogh makes a standard vodka, but it’s best known for its flavored offerings (it currently has 17 of them, plus a gin). The company recently sent a pack of five sample-size bottles for me to…

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Review: Sergeant Classick White and Gold Rum

By Christopher Null | May 19, 2008 |

Rum is just about the only spirit I don’t regularly drink straight (some superpremium dark rums excepted), but it’s also the one that makes for some of the most delicious cocktails. Funny, eh? Sergeant Classick is one of the only rums that claims to come from the state of Hawaii, as it’s made from molasses…

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Review: Stevens Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat Beer

By Christopher Null | May 17, 2008 |

What’s better than a beer on a hot day? A beer at a nude beach, that’s what. Stevens Point’s latest seasonal release won’t get you to the beach proper, but it’ll get you close: Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat craft brew isn’t just a surprisingly refreshing beer, it’s also got a drawing of nekkid people…

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Review: El Mayor Tequila Blanco (2008)

By Christopher Null | May 4, 2008 |

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. And Cinco de Mayo is holiday time. Holiday time in Mexico. While we celebrate Mexico’s victory against Napoleon’s invading force in 1862, we are encouraged to do so with quality tequila. Here’s the first of two reviews of premium tequilas, both of which are excellent choices for your May 5…

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Review: Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

By Christopher Null | May 2, 2008 |

Ginger is one of the hottest flavors in cocktails right now, and it’s only fitting that someone has put the essence of ginger into a liqueur. Domaine de Canton is the real deal: Baby ginger steeped in cognac, bottled at 56 proof, and coming together as a spicy and flavorful monster of a liqueur that…

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Review: Grey Goose Vodka (2008)

By Christopher Null | April 26, 2008 |

It’s easy to see why Grey Goose has become one of the most successful new liquor brands in recent years. This is a fantastic vodka, smooth and lightly sweet, with a nutty nose and aftertaste that works well in cocktails and adds an interesting complexity when served straight. Grey Goose is very mild, quite neutral…

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Review: On the Rocks Spring Water Ice

By Christopher Null | April 25, 2008 |

Yes, this is a review of a bag of ice. No, it’s not ice made out of diamonds and pixie dust, it’s just ice. From water. And yes, I was skeptical too. Premium ice? At $4 a bag, On the Rocks is about four times as pricey as your average supermarket ice. But the company…

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