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Review: 2006 Bodegas Roda Rioja Reserva

By Christopher Null | April 26, 2011 |

A rare Rioja: Fruit-forward, lush, and easily drinkable without requiring a big hunk of meat to back it up. Blackberry and fleeting Port-like characters play with hints of tar and tobacco. Moderate body, but smooth, and with a pleasing, rounded finish. Really lovely. A / $45 /

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Tasting Report: Wines of Roessler, 2011 Releases

By Christopher Null | April 19, 2011 |

Sonoma’s Roessler is a hidden gem in the region, but it’s no small fry: The winery bottles nearly 20 wines with fruit sourced from all over California — and Oregon. Specializing in Pinot Noir, the winery employs hands-off winemaking techniques and the results speak for themselves. We tasted seven recent vintages stretching from its southern…

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Review: Forty Creek Barrel Select and Double Barrel Reserve Canadian Whisky

By Christopher Null | April 17, 2011 |

Canadian whisky outfit Forty Creek has been winning awards hand over fist for its high-quality whiskys, available at reasonable prices. We took at look at the company’s two current releases (another is coming soon), to see what all the fuss was about. Both are 80 proof. Forty Creek Barrel Select Canadian Whisky – A real…

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Review: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

By Christopher Null | April 9, 2011 |

Gotta say, Jack Daniel’s knows how to launch a product. The sample bottle of its new honey-and-whiskey liqueur came in a refrigerated box, for no particular reason — it certainly doesn’t need to be kept chilled at all times — except that it is intended to be served cold. Well, it’s been in my fridge…

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Review: Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco, with Distiller Bertha Gonzalez Nieves

By Christopher Null | March 20, 2011 |

Casa Dragones is almost certainly a tequila brand you have never tried or likely even seen. That’s a sad thing, because it is one of the best silver tequilas on earth. Casa Dragones is the proud bearer of a number of unique traits. It is the brainchild of Bob Pittman, a founder of the MTV…

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Review: Bulleit Rye

By Christopher Null | March 13, 2011 |

Tom Bulleit‘s “frontier” Bourbon has near-cult status among his admirers, and at long last the man has decided to branch out into a second product. That product is Bulleit Rye, “the worst kept secret” in the whiskey world and a smashing way for Bulleit to double its shelf space. Now this isn’t as big a…

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Review: Col. E.H. Taylor Old Fashioned Sour Mash Bourbon

By Christopher Null | March 4, 2011 |

Is there anything better than a Bourbon whiskey named after an old dude with initials for a first name? And this one’s a Colonel, people! Funnin’ aside, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., was a real guy — he introduced climate-controlled warehouses in Kentucky in the 1800s and patented his own sour mash technique — and…

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Review: El Gran Jubileo Tequila, Complete Lineup

By Christopher Null | January 26, 2011 |

This tequila brand has been available in Mexico and in limited distribution at that. Now it has arrived on U.S. shores, you can try it too. All expressions are 100% agave of course and are 80 proof. El Gran Jubileo Blanco – For those who like a lot of agave, but not so much bite,…

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Review: Zaca Organic Hangover Patch

By Christopher Null | January 25, 2011 |

I’ve reviewed all manner of hangover remedy products in the last few years, but Zaca takes the cake for the strangest one of all: It’s a patch that you wear on your body (a la a nicotine patch) while you drink (and on into the next day), designed to combat the effects of alcohol without…

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Review: Excellia Tequila, Complete Lineup

By Christopher Null | January 14, 2011 |

This new tequila brand comes from 100 percent blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco — and then comes a twist: All the tequilas are aged in Sauternes and 20-year-old Cognac casks, a big twist vs. the usual old Bourbon barrels in which most tequila is aged. The results are, in at least one…

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