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Visiting Tuscany’s Tenuta dell’Ornellaia

By Christopher Null | May 26, 2010 |

Tenuta dell’Ornellaia is a major and increasingly important name in super-Tuscan wines. With its neighbor Sassicaia right down the street, these two define the Bolgheri area of Italy and own completely the bragging rights as this region’s top wine producers. Mere miles from the Mediterranean Sea, Ornellaia began its life in 1981 and now produces…

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Review: St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur (2010)

By Christopher Null | May 14, 2010 |

The elderflower trend may be coming to an end as haute bartenders move on to yumberry, acai, and other oddities, but I remain an undeterred St. Germain fanatic. There are simply few cocktails in the world that this golden French spirit can’t either improve or twist into something new and exciting. In fact, you owe…

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Review: The Glenlivet Cellar Collection 1973

By Christopher Null | May 13, 2010 |

This new, limited release whisky has spent 36 long years in cask (one sherry cask and two American oak barrels have been blended together), waiting for just the right amount of time to get from oak into the bottle and from there into your belly. This is a whisky that feels just about perfect, cooled…

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Review: The Perfect Puree Beverage Artistry Mixers

By Christopher Null | May 6, 2010 |

The Perfect Puree has recently added a series of pre-blended mixes of primarily fruit juice, simple syrup, and other goodies to its pre-squeezed fruit juice base offerings, a collection which ranges from banana to strawberry. Beverage Artistry’s “Premium Blends” offer eight bases you can use to make high-end cocktails without having to buy, cut, squeeze,…

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Review: Arta Tequila, Complete Lineup

By Christopher Null | May 3, 2010 |

Recently I was chastised for spending too much ink on product packaging. But Arta Tequila, a new brand, has “art” right in the name and its slogan is “The Art of Tequila,” so how can I not talk about these bottles? With their unique triangle base, Arta fits on the shelf like no other tequila…

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Review: 2007 Pina Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – D’Adamo and Buckeye

By Christopher Null | March 29, 2010 |

Pina is hardly a household name, but this small winery is producing some of the best small vineyard cabernet in the Napa Valley. Today we look at the company’s limited release 2007 cabernet sauvignon bottlings. 2007 Pina Cabernet Sauvignon D’Adamo Vineyard -Really lovely right now, but will probably be even better with age. Incredible, intense…

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Drinking Scotch with The Dalmore’s Richard Paterson

By Christopher Null | March 27, 2010 |

After spending some time with Tom Bulleit yesterday, I moved on to lunch with another whiskey world celebrity, Richard Paterson of Whyte & Mackay, which produces The Dalmore line of single malt Scotch whiskys, among other spirits. Paterson is serious about his passion and is renowned for his olfactory skills: At one point, the author…

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Review: 2007 O’Shaughnessy Merlot Howell Mountain

By Christopher Null | March 27, 2010 |

I’ve waxed poetic on O’Shaughnessy’s cabernet, but its merlot (100%, nothing blended) is, to be frank, not to be missed either. This wine is huge with chocolate notes, backed with raspberry character that immediately recalls a classic dessert. Perfect texture, this is a wine that proves that not only should merlot not be shunned, in…

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Review: Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Tequila 2010 Edition

By Christopher Null | March 25, 2010 |

Each year our friends at Cuervo release a special edition tequila called Reserva de la Familia. We missed out on a review in 2009 but still have a bit of 2008 left for sharing with special guests which we guard like Gollum watches over his Precious. Well, 2010’s Reserva just arrived and it’s a real…

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Review: Four Roses 2010 Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon

By Christopher Null | March 18, 2010 |

Our third single barrel Four Roses review in as many years (see 2008, 2009 here), Four Roses is commemorating its 100th year of operation with this release. Congrats, but we’re the real winners here. With this heady, 110-proof (est.) bourbon, expect a deeper and more sultry Four Roses than you might be accustomed to. Crafted…

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