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Review: Sanford 2008 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

By Christopher Null | November 5, 2010 |

Sanford is a legend in the Santa Barbara winemaking scene, and even though Richard Sanford is no longer involved with the winery (he runs Alma Rosa now), Sanford (the winery) is still putting out top-notch vino. The 2008 vintages of its Chardonnay and rightfully renowned Pinot Noirs are hitting any day now. We tried them…

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Review: Pampero Aniversario Ron Anejo

By Christopher Null | October 28, 2010 |

A pampero, I am told, is a “vicious squall” across the pampas in South America. I’m only saying that because it’s the only the second time on this blog that I’ve been able to legitimately use the word “pampas.” Pampero Aniversario is a Venezuelan rum, and one of only a handful I’ve ever tried. And…

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Review: Emperor’s Brand Giorgio G XO Limited Edition Cognac

By Christopher Null | October 25, 2010 |

Hardly a household name in America, Emperor’s is slowly stretching its legs into our shores. We had a chance to try the company’s Giorgio G XO cognac, a 35-year-old blend of over 70 eaux de vie from Grande Champagne. The results are a success. A tabby orange spirit, Giorgio G XO is lush with orange…

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Review: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2010 Edition

By Christopher Null | October 19, 2010 |

For the third year running, we’re fortunate enough to check out Buffalo Trace’s limited release editions of five highly-sought-after whiskeys. No change to the lineup, name-wise, from the 2008 and 2009 editions, although what’s inside the bottles is, as always, just a little bit different. On the whole, this year’s whiskeys, in fact, are some…

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Review: Jeremiah Weed Country Peach Sweet Tea Vodka and Sweet Tea Bourbon

By Christopher Null | October 16, 2010 |

We’ve discussed at length the obliviatory powers of Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, and now the company is back with a couple of extensions to the line. Get ready to rock, tea-sip style. Both are 70 proof. The first is unsurprising: Jeremiah Weed Country Peach Sweet Tea Vodka. I’ve never much understood the connection, but…

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Review: Glenfarclas 40 Years Old

By Christopher Null | October 15, 2010 |

One does not often get the chance to use “40 years old” and “value whisky” in the same review, but Glenfarclas 40 is exactly that: The most reasonably-priced 40 year old single malt that you may ever encounter. The quality here is exceptional: Glenfarclas 40 is intensely sherried, with big orange peel character at play…

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Review: The Glenrothes 1994, 1998, and John Ramsay Legacy Edition

By Christopher Null | October 8, 2010 |

In the Scotch whisky world, The Glenrothes (correct pronunciation: glen-ROTH-ess) is unusual to the point of being unique. It doesn’t offer age statements on its products, but rather vintage dates them from the point of distillation. You can figure out the age by reading the fine print — the typical Glenrothes vintage-dated whisky is 10…

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Review: Botran Solera 1893 and Reserva Rum (2010)

By Christopher Null | October 3, 2010 |

Botran Rum, aka Ron Botran or Casa Botran, hails from Guatemala and is distilled by the same outfit that makes the fantastic Ron Zacapa, Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. Located about a mile and a half above sea level, Botran’s rums are matured in a very cool warehouse compared to most of the industry, where the…

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Review: Silvertap Keg Wines, 2010 Releases

By Christopher Null | September 25, 2010 |

The world of wine has a lot of mystery and ceremony in it: Dusty old bottles. Corkscrews and sniffed enclosures. Fancy labels with cursive on them. Never mind all that, says Silvertap. This company is putting wine into kegs, much like those that beer is served from, and selling said kegs to restaurants and bars…

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Review: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon

By Christopher Null | September 22, 2010 |

Next January (yes, 2011), the iconic Knob Creek will be releasing a new whiskey, expanding a line that, like Maker’s Mark before it, has resolutely stuck to one single product for all its life — 20 long years. That product is Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve — a single barrel, higher-proof version of its incredibly…

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