Canadian Whisky

Canada’s whisky-making history mirrors that of the United States. Its earliest farmers first began distilling rye in the eastern territories (in the late 1700s), but as western Canada was settled in the following centuries, corn and wheat also became popular. Canadian whisky came to prominence during Prohibition, when it was illegally smuggled by boatloads and carloads to those American masses thirsty in the south. While there are strict U.S. requirements for when a specific grain can be referenced on a label, a bottle of Canadian whisky can be labeled as “rye whisky” even if there is little or even no rye in the mashbill. This is due to the use of rye as a flavoring grain throughout much of Canada’s whisky-making history, which was so well-known that “rye” and “whisky” became interchangeable. The only legal requirements for Canadian whisky are that it must be made in Canada from a fermented cereal mash that is then aged in wood containers for at least three years and bottled at 80 proof or higher.

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Review: Root Out Root Beer Flavored Whisky

By Christopher Null | September 12, 2019 |

Hey, though it may sound weird, this actually isn’t the first root beer flavored whiskey we’ve reviewed; we gave Uncle Bob’s version the once over way back in 2015. Root Out gets its start as four year old Canadian whisky, to which vanilla and various root beer flavorings have been added. The finished product is…

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Review: Ellington Blended Canadian Whisky (2018) and Ellington Reserve

By Christopher Null | June 6, 2019 |

We previously mentioned Ellington in our Drinking the Bottom Shelf series; the brand seems to be an exclusive bottling for Total Wine stores. We thought we’d take a deeper (or at least a separate) dive into this spirit, looking at a 2018 bottling — which is to say, a plastic mini we picked up at…

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Review: Crown Royal Peach

By Christopher Null | May 14, 2019 |

Crown Royal’s foray into flavored whiskies continues with its latest offering, Crown Royal Peach — and it’s a doozy. You probably already know what you’re getting into, but in case you don’t, here’s the introductory info: “Take the sweet, delicious flavor of a fresh Georgia peach and blend it with our famously smooth liquid for…

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Review: Gooderham & Worts Canadian Whisky

By Christopher Null | April 19, 2019 |

Gooderham & Worts is a truly historic brand in Canadian whiskydom. Dating back to the 1860s, the brand built a distillery in downtown Toronto in an area that is still known as that town’s distillery district today. The company has been acquired and changed hands several times over the years, and it is now under…

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Review: Eau Claire Distillery Single Malt Whiskey

By Christopher Null | March 17, 2019 |

The traditional rye-heavy whiskey popular with the likes of Crown Royal and Canadian Club aren’t the only styles of whiskey you’ll find in Canada. Craft distillery Eau Claire is turning out 100% single malt — it’s not just the first craft distillery in Alberta, Canada, it’s the only producer of single malt whiskey in the…

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Review: Little Book Blended Whiskey Chapter 2: “Noe Simple Task” (2018)

By Christopher Null | October 18, 2018 |

When Jim Beam and Freddie Noe released Little Book last year, it caused a bit of a stir. Though it wasn’t my favorite whiskey of the year, it had a lot of charm, in part because it was so different from the usual juice coming out of Kentucky. Little Book isn’t bourbon, it’s a blend.…

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Review: Crown Royal Noble Collection Blenders’ Mash 13 Years Old

By Christopher Null | July 26, 2018 |

You’ll have to pay close attention if you’re interested in the latest offering from Crown Royal. While the distillery’s Blenders’ Mash release arrived only a couple of months ago, there’s already another, with a nearly identical name — though this one is part (part 3, specifically) of Crown’s upscale Noble Collection. The catch, this one has…

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Review: John Drew Brands Brixton Mash Destroyer, John Drew Rye, and Dove Tale Rum

By Drew Beard | July 4, 2018 |

In 2016, John Drew, cofounder of the well-known cigar giant Drew Estate Cigar Company, jumped into the spirits world with the launch of his own spirits collection, gathered under the John Drew Brand label. After 20 years in Nicaragua overseeing cigar manufacturing, he relocated to Miami and began distilling rum and sourcing whiskey from various…

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Review: Crown Royal Texas Mesquite

By Christopher Null | June 19, 2018 |

As a born-and-raised Texan, I can personally attest to the state’s love affair with Crown Royal Canadian Whisky. Why this is, I don’t know. I think they really just love the felt bags. As a distinct nod to the state, Crown Royal is releasing a limited-edition whisky called Crown Royal Texas Mesquite. By far the…

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Tasting Report: WhiskyFest Washington DC 2018

By Drew Beard | June 7, 2018 |

As with each of DC’s past three WhiskyFests, everyone in the room looked like they could use a few drinks. Thankfully, there was no shortage of unique whiskey options, from Knob Creek Single Barrel samples that were pulled directly from the barrel(!) to a young Tennessee whiskey whose distillery still doesn’t have a name. I…

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