American Whiskey

American whiskey comprises a huge swath of sub-categories, and most of the whiskeys you’ll encounter fall into one of these. Bourbon (distinguished by its 51%-or-greater corn mashbill) is undoubtedly the largest of these, with Rye (at least 51% rye) arguably second. Tennessee Whiskey (a subset of Bourbon, made in Tennessee and charcoal mellowed) is another major, with Wheat Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, and Malt Whiskey all having their adherents. White whiskey (unaged whiskey) is another segment growing in size. Other categories, including Blended Whiskey, Light Whiskey, and Spirit Whiskey can also be found occupying this broad catch-all category.

Top American Whiskey Categories:

Tennessee Whiskey
Wheat Whiskey
American Single Malt

Review: Booker’s Bourbon “Bardstown Batch” 2021-03 and “Noe Strangers Batch” 2021-04

By Christopher Null | December 27, 2021 |

We wrap up 2021 with a look at the final two special edition expressions of Booker’s Bourbon for the year, 2021-03 and 2021-04. Let’s see how they compare. Booker’s Bourbon “Bardstown Batch” 2021-03 – Aged 6 years, 5 months, 0 days; named for obvious inspiration. The nose here is toasty but not overt with char,…

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Review: Hancock’s President’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

By Drew Beard | December 27, 2021 |

Ah, Hancock’s President’s Reserve, the redheaded stepchild of the Buffalo Trace single barrel bourbon lineup. It’s a bit of an off duck, not just because of the peculiar number of possessives in the name. Firstly, the proof is unusual and not quite the Buffalo Trace standard. The distribution is limited, even for a Buffalo Trace…

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Review: New Riff Red Turkey Wheated Bourbon

By Drew Beard | December 26, 2021 |

When it first hit the whiskey scene, Kentucky’s New Riff Distillery promised a “new riff” on tried-and-true Kentucky whiskey-making tradition. And boy have they started delivering recently. On the heels of their 100% malted rye release earlier this year, the whiskey tinkerers from Newport are adding another innovation to their lineup with Red Turkey Wheated…

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Review: Still Austin Cask Strength Bourbon

By Christopher Null | December 25, 2021 |

Hot on the heels of our coverage of its gin, Still Austin Whiskey Co.’s latest whiskey has arrived, its first ever cask strength bourbon, now available as a limited release. Roughly 2200 cases of the “at least two years old” bourbon were produced. Made from 100% Texas grains, the new expression contains the same mash…

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The Top 10 Whiskeys of 2021

By Christopher Null | December 24, 2021 |

  As near as I can count, Drinkhacker reviewed more than 400 whiskeys in 2021. How do you whittle that down to the 10 very best of the lot? It’s not easy, and our staff’s initial list of favorites ran well over 30 selections. Tough decisions were made. Arguments were had. Babies were thrown out…

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Review: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch C921 (September 2021)

By Christopher Null | December 24, 2021 |

This is the third and final release of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof for 2021, coded C921. Let’s dive in one last time to the lineup before the New Year arrives and see what the folks at Heaven Hill have in store for us. As with most ECBP releases, things start out on the hot side…

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Review: Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon 2021

By Christopher Null | December 23, 2021 |

One of the most unusual special edition whiskeys of the year to arrive is here in the form of Yellowstone Limited Edition 2021. This year — the 6th iteration of the Yellowstone LE — is a blend of 7-year-old and 15-year-old bourbons, with at least some of the 7-year-old barrels finished in Amarone wine casks.…

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Review: Castle & Key The Untold Story of Kentucky Whiskey, Chapter 1

By Drew Beard | December 23, 2021 |

In recent years, whiskey brands like Uncle Nearest have helped to highlight the important role African Americans have played in the long history of American whiskey production. With its latest release, The Untold Story of Kentucky Whiskey, Chapter 1, Castle & Key Distillery is doing its part to honor that history and promote diversity and…

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Review: Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon – Limited Edition (2021)

By Christopher Null | December 22, 2021 |

Angel’s Envy is a Port barrel-finished whiskey that’s impossible not to love, but its annual cask strength releases are treasures almost always worth tracking down. 2021 is no exception to the rule — though fans of this long-running series, which is now in its 10th installment — are likely to find that a (delightful) consistency…

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Review: Wild Turkey Master’s Keep One

By Christopher Null | December 17, 2021 |

Six years in to the Master’s Keep series we have the arrival of Master’s Keep One, a (sorta) complex blend of bourbons designed to celebrate the melding of Jimmy Russell and Eddie Russell’s two distinct styles into a single spirit. Master’s Keep One [combines] Jimmy’s love of mid-aged bourbons (8 to 10 years) with Eddie’s…

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