American Whiskey

American whiskey comprises a huge swath of sub-categories, and most of the whiskeys you’ll encounter fall into one of these. Bourbon (distinguished by its 51%-or-greater corn mashbill) is undoubtedly the largest of these, with Rye (at least 51% rye) arguably second. Tennessee Whiskey (a subset of Bourbon, made in Tennessee and charcoal mellowed) is another major, with Wheat Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, and Malt Whiskey all having their adherents. White whiskey (unaged whiskey) is another segment growing in size. Other categories, including Blended Whiskey, Light Whiskey, and Spirit Whiskey can also be found occupying this broad catch-all category.

Top American Whiskey Categories:

Tennessee Whiskey
Wheat Whiskey
American Single Malt

Review: Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon 10 Years Old (2011)

By Christopher Null | September 29, 2011 |

Henry McKenna is a value-priced Bourbon from Heaven Hill with serious street cred: Single barrel and bottled in bond (100 proof), it’s aged 10 years and sold to retailers, who pick out their own barrels and sell them direct. This is common with many distilleries, but not at these prices. This McKenna is the 9th…

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Review: Redemption Rye and High-Rye Bourbon (2011)

By Christopher Null | September 24, 2011 |

Distilled in Indiana and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky, Redemption is part of a growing cadre of craft distillers who go guerrilla on getting their stuff produced (a la Angel’s Envy), releasing amazingly high-quality product at very affordable prices. At Redemption, the focus is obviously on increasingly popular rye. Redemption Rye Batch 027 (2011) – 95% rye,…

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Review: Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon 2011 Edition

By Christopher Null | September 21, 2011 |

This year, the “small” batch gets bigger than ever: Four Roses is batching four of its 10 Bourbon recipes into the 2011 Limited Edition Small Batch release. This year, the annual Limited Edition Small Batch is built out of 13-year OBSK, 13-year OESQ, 12-year OESV, and 11-year OESK. (If none of that means anything to…

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Review: Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

By Christopher Null | September 17, 2011 |

Earlier this year our friends at Buffalo Trace released the first in a line of new whiskeys named for pioneering Bourbon-man E.H. Taylor. A second spirit is now ready to join that line: Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon. Aged 11 years 7 months, this is a nicely matured whiskey with plenty of wood going…

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Review: Masterson’s Straight Rye Whiskey 10 Years Old

By Christopher Null | September 15, 2011 |

100% rye: an oddity. 100% rye from Canada, blended with Colorado-sourced water, and bottled in Sonoma, California — a real oddity. Technically a Canadian whisky, this big rye is named after Old West lawman William “Bat” Masterson — a man who, somehow, has returned from the grave he entered in 1921 in order to put…

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Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

Review: Buffalo Trace Distillery Single Oak Project Bourbon Round Two

By Christopher Null | September 7, 2011 |

I won’t try to explain it again: If you missed the explanation of Buffalo Trace’s Single Oak Project the first time, you can catch up on this ambitious program spanning 192 single barrel Bourbons here. In round one, Buffalo Trace offered a dozen unique single barrel recipes for customers to consider. Now it’s back with…

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Recipe: Knob Creek Sour Ginger

By Christopher Null | September 7, 2011 |

In honor of Bourbon Heritage Month (you’re soaking in it, by the way), our pals at Knob Creek sent us this enticing recipe, courtesy of chef Mike Isabella. Sounds like a fun one! Knob Creek Sour Ginger 2 parts Fresh Squeezed Ruby Grapefruit Juice 1¼ parts Knob Creek Bourbon ¾ part Domaine de Canton Ginger…

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Review: 1512 Barbershop Rye

By Christopher Null | September 6, 2011 |

The story behind 1512 is almost more interesting than this, its first product. Salvatore Cimino is a real barber in San Francisco, and his forebears include a series of whiskey bootleggers. So Cimino put the two together, in a way: With a legally produced whiskey named after his discreet Nob Hill barbershop. Cimino spends his…

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Recipe: La Mela Cocktail

By Christopher Null | August 25, 2011 |

While I am not sure I have the patience to wait for the cider/syrup mix to set — just to use a “dash” of it — this recipe, courtesy of Maker’s Mark, sounds quite delightful. La Mela Recipe by Eben Freeman, Master Mixologist ¼ part St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram ¾ part Amaretto 1 part Maker’s…

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Book Review: Bourbon: The Evolution of Kentucky Whiskey

By Christopher Null | August 21, 2011 |

Those expecting a sun-dappled romp through the state of Kentucky in Sam K. Cecil’s Bourbon: The Evolution of Kentucky Whiskey we be in for a bit of a surprise. Cecil, who got started in the Bourbon industry four years after Prohibition ended in 1933, has written a tome which dutifully outlines how Bourbon is made,…

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