American Single Malt Whiskey

American single malt does not officially exist (yet) as a legally defined category of whiskey in the United States, but producers generally adhere to the same regulations observed in Scotland. It is produced at a single, U.S. distillery from 100% malted barley, distilled to 160 proof, and bottled at no less than 80 proof. American single malt is often aged in used cooperage, like its counterparts overseas. On the other hand, “American straight malt” – which is a legally defined category – must be aged in new oak containers for a minimum of 2 years, echoing the rules for other categories of American whiskey. Today, American producers continue to experiment with barrel regimens for this emerging category.

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Review: Corsair Dark Rye, Triple Smoke, and American Gin (2020)

By Christopher Null | August 8, 2020 |

At one point, Nashville-based Corsair had roughly 20 expressions of whiskey, gin, moonshine, and even absinthe on the market. To say that Corsair’s attentions were scattered might be a bit of an understatement. That changed this year when Corsair did a full-scale reboot, bringing their core product lineup down to just four: Two whiskeys, and…

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Review: Balcones Texas Bock (2020)

By Christopher Null | July 29, 2020 |

If any beer is synonymous with Texas (outside of Lone Star, maybe), it’s Shiner. I spent nearly a decade in Austin swilling Shiner Bock, which is easily the brand’s most visible bottling. Well, here’s a twist: Balcones Distilling figured they’d take Shiner Bock and distill it into a straight malt whiskey. Now, making whiskey from…

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Review: Balcones Single Barrel Private Selections – True Blue, Rye, and Texas Single Malt

By Drew Beard | July 17, 2020 |

Waco’s Balcones Distilling is hardly a sleepy operation, with new whiskeys popping up in its portfolio from year to year and a seemingly constant evolution in the whiskeys themselves. Balcones has had a private selection program for its “1” Single Malt expression for some time now, but if you lived outside of Texas, you may never…

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Review: 10th Street Single Malt STR

By Christopher Null | May 25, 2020 |

Remember 10th Street Single Malt, a peated whisky made in San Jose, California? Now there’s another expression from 10th Street: 10th Street STR. Harcore whiskey nerds will know that STR stands for “Shaved-Toasted-Recharred” a process pioneered by the recently departed Jim Swan which is used to rejuvenate old barrels and take the whiskey in a…

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Review: Virginia Distillery Co. Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whisky (Dr. George G. Moore Batch)

By Drew Beard | May 3, 2020 |

We reviewed Virginia Distillery Co.’s first entirely house-distilled single malt whisky, Prelude: Courage & Conviction, last fall. That release was a one-off, meant to be a preview of this bottle, Courage & Conviction, the distillery’s official flagship brand, the first batch of which has been dedicated to the distillery’s late founder, Dr. George G. Moore.…

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Review: Putnam New England Single Malt Whiskey 4 Years Old

By Christopher Null | May 2, 2020 |

Boston Harbor Distillery is the company behind Putnam, a single malt whiskey that is bottled in bond, meaning it is made in one season, at least four years old (as this one is), by one distillery, and bottled at 100 proof minimum. While increasingly common in the bourbon world, it’s unusual to see an American…

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Review: Westland Coldfoot Edition 1

By Christopher Null | April 1, 2020 |

Seattle-based Westland Distillery, where the new releases seem to drop every other week, is back with its latest craft whiskey, Coldfoot. Coldfoot is a curious, limited-edition collaboration with outdoor goods company C.C. Filson Co. and is meant to evoke “the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.” If you’re curious about what the name refers to, let’s…

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Review: 3 Texas Whiskeys from Flaviar

By Christopher Null | March 31, 2020 |

My latest foray into Flaviar’s new quarterly subscription club is this trio of whiskeys from three different Texas distilleries. (Forgot what this club is all about? $95 gets you a single shipment or $300 buys you four shipments over the course of a year. Each shipment includes a tasting kit of three themed 50ml samples…

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Review: Hanson of Sonoma Double Barrel Single Malt Whiskey

By Christopher Null | March 24, 2020 |

Hanson of Sonoma is increasingly well known for its top-shelf, organic vodkas, but recently the company branched out with its first whiskey, a single malt the company describes as “a blend of tradition and technique from both Scottish and Japanese whiskeys — in a uniquely Sonoma style.” This is not sourced and repackaged whiskey but…

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Review: Westland Peat Week 2020

By Christopher Null | March 14, 2020 |

After six years of special releases, Westland Peat Week should need no introduction, but we’ll give it one all the same. Peat Weak is a special annual release from the Seattle distillery that, like Balvenie, is made for only one week out of the year. Again, Westland makes peated whiskey all the time, but Peat…

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