Flavored Vodka

Flavored vodka is simply vodka to which artificial or (increasingly) natural flavor has been added. This category exploded in popularity in the early 2000s as consumers looked for easy ways to make simple vodka drinks (such as vodka and a mixer) more interesting and flavorful. While the earliest vodka flavors revolved around citrus fruits (lemon and orange being the most popular), vodka flavors quickly devolved almost comically into oddities ranging from hemp to cinnamon rolls to menthol cigarettes. Today the category has pulled back a bit, with more artisanal infusions becoming popular that more closely resemble gin than candy.

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Review: Smirnoff Peach and Mango Vodka

By Christopher Null | July 20, 2010 |

Smirnoff keeps cranking out the flavored vodkas, its two latest being the exotic mango and the humble peach. Both are 70 proof bottlings and are naturally flavored. Smirnoff Peach Vodka – Peach is a common fruit, but it’s not often used in spirits (perhaps due to its legacy with SoCo?). As a vodka flavoring, it…

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Review: UV Coconut Vodka

By Christopher Null | July 7, 2010 |

You aren’t imagining things: UV Coconut is white. Not clear in a white bottle. It’s white. Like milk. It’s actually the first white vodka, a naturally-flavored spirit sweetened (considerably) with sugar cane, distilled four times, and left in a murky/milky color for you to figure out how exactly to present it. The utility is obvious:…

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Review: Smirnoff Dark Roasted Espresso Vodka and Spiced Root Beer Vodka

By Christopher Null | May 31, 2010 |

A new flavored vodka is not normally cause for celebration or alarm, but kudos to Smirnoff for doing something a bit different. These flavors may have been done before but the alcohol level has not. With its new espresso and root beer renditions, Smirnoff is releasing overproof flavored vodkas that hit a full 100 proof.…

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Review: Absolut Brooklyn Vodka

By Christopher Null | May 29, 2010 |

The latest Spike Lee joint has nothing to do with the movies but with vodka: Absolut’s latest entry into its city-themed series of limited edition spirits. Lee worked with Absolut to come up with the flavors infused into this vodka, and worked on the design of the bottle, which features an iconic “stoop life” scene…

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Review: Three Olives Rangtang Vodka

By Christopher Null | April 19, 2010 |

Orange and tangerine, that’s what “rangtang” is meant to mean. If you don’t believe me, Google it. Or don’t. You’ll never look at this citrus vodka the same way if you do. (Ad Age explains what I’m talking about here.) Putting aside the unfortunate denotation, Three Olives’ Rangtang vodka — an orange-tinted vodka ostensibly flavored…

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Review: Grey Goose La Poire Vodka

By Christopher Null | April 7, 2010 |

Pears are a tricky beast. Who eats pears on their own? Or even in a recipe? And yet here we have pear flavored vodka from the mammoth success that is Grey Goose. What exactly does one do with it? I’ve been toying with Grey Goose La Poire for a few weeks now and I’m still…

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Review: 360 Cola and Double Chocolate Vodkas

By Christopher Null | March 24, 2010 |

It’s flavored vodka night here at Drinkhacker, as we continue with a lesser-known brand: 360, an eco-obsessed brand that donates money from each bottle sold to enviro causes and includes an envelope to let drinkers recycle the bottle closures. Two years after our original review, 360 is launching two flavored vodkas (which is what vodka…

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Review: Absolut Berri Açai Vodka

By Christopher Null | March 24, 2010 |

Rest assured, açai mania is not yet over. Swedish vodka giant Absolut is just now getting into the game with this antioxidant-loaded flavored vodka, just in time, probably, for açai fever to finally run its course. (The future is yumberry, people!) Açai is not exactly known for being a delicious berry on its own, and…

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Review: Hangar One Vodka, Complete Lineup (2010)

By Christopher Null | March 14, 2010 |

Practically a next-door neighbor to Drinkhacker HQ, California’s own Hangar One has long been a hometown favorite vodka amongst those ’round these parts who can’t handle whiskey. Available in a straight version and three exotic flavors, we’ve been drinking these for years but finally got around to sampling them all “officially” for the site. Created…

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Review: Van Gogh Wild Appel Vodka

By Christopher Null | January 10, 2010 |

There are a lot of ways to get apple character into a cocktail — Calvados, apple juice, even Apple Pucker, God help you — and now Van Gogh adds “wild” apple to its lineup of flavored vodkas. Truth be told this isn’t my favorite entry into the otherwise top-notch Van Gogh arsenal. The aroma and…

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