Spiced Rum

The brand Captain Morgan is synonymous with spiced rum, but the category has recently seen a surge of activity in the form of new brands both mainstream and artisan. Spiced rum is rum flavored with a selection of spices which vary from producer to producer, but which generally include cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, and/or vanilla. Spiced rum is commonly barrel aged, at least for a time, and usually features added sugar and caramel for additional color. It is most commonly served in a tall drink, mixed with cola.

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Review: Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast

By Christopher Null | October 10, 2016 |

You know how you have those neighbors that go all out at Halloween? They put their decorations up in September. Everyone gets dressed up, even the dog. They give out the full size Snickers. You know the type. Well, I had no idea, but Captain Morgan is that family. This new limited edition expression follows…

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Review: Wicked Dolphin Coconut Rum and Spiced Rum

By Christopher Null | June 6, 2016 |

Never mind the cringeworthy name: Wicked Dolphin is a quality rum made not in the Caribbean but in Florida (Cape Coral, specifically), where it has been distilled from local sugar cane since 2012. Wicked Dolphin makes a white rum (not reviewed here), but it’s best known for its spiced version. Below we’ve got a review…

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Review: South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Cape Cod Spiced Rum

By Christopher Null | May 25, 2016 |

Massachusetts-based craft producer South Hollow Spirits has a heavy focus on rum, one of the traditional spirits of New England in the pre-Prohibition era. The Twenty Boat brand comprises both an amber and a spiced rum, the latter of which we review below. Made from organic molasses and sugar cane juice sourced from Florida and…

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Review: Monkey Spiced Rum

By Christopher Null | January 20, 2016 |

It must happen to all of us. Zane Lamprey got so tired of drinking spirits that he figured he should just make his own. The result of that ennui with the drinking world is Monkey Rum (named for Lamprey’s stuffed monkey that is omnipresent on his televised boozing adventures), which is available in both Spiced…

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Review: Captain Morgan Cannon Blast

By Christopher Null | December 20, 2015 |

Captain Morgan already has a vast command of bars around the world. Now the company is getting into the shot game with the launch of Captain Morgan Cannon Blast, “an intensely delicious shot” that comes in the cleverest packaging I’ve seen in years. What’s Cannon Blast? “Caribbean rum with spice and natural flavors.” Isn’t that…

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Review: Squeal Go Pig Spiced Black Rum

By Christopher Null | August 12, 2015 |

If nothing else: Points for a creative name. Squeal Go Pig is a Colorado-produced spiced rum (it is produced by a private label distiller on behalf of the SGP folks), but apparently the “Go Pig” is optional. Just call it Squeal and you’ll be fine. It’s spiced, very dark rum — they call it black…

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Review: Far North Spirits Solveig Gin and Alander Spiced Rum

By Christopher Null | April 14, 2015 |

You’re a Minnesota-based craft distiller that names its products after Scandinavian words. For your first two products, what do you release? You nailed it: Gin and spiced rum, just what our friends from the north are known for! Kidding aside, Far North (technically Får North, which would be pronounced “for north,” but never mind) produces craft spirits…

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Review: Ed Hardy “Most Wanted” Spiced Rum

By Christopher Null | January 16, 2015 |

Tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy was mentored by Sailor Jerry Collins… and some claim that Hardy has flown a bit too close to the sun, imitating Sailor Jerry’s style a bit too closely. Well, the detractors will have more to talk about with Ed Hardy rum, a spiced rum that looks on the surface, well,…

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Review: Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend Spiced Rum

By Christopher Null | September 16, 2014 |

Captain Morgan has been on a tear with new releases and special bottlings over the last few years. 1671 is its latest expression, a fancified version of the Cap’n that still comes in at just 20 bucks. Captain Morgan 1671 is a St. Croix-based distillate that is crafted with a unique blend of spices and is finished…

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Review: Newfoundland Screech Rum, Spiced Rum, and Honey Rum

By Christopher Null | September 12, 2014 |

Who woulda thought they’d name a rum after this guy? In all seriousness… Back in the old days (like, yesteryear), Newfoundland-based sailors drank a lot of rum. They got their rotgut from Jamaica, and it didn’t even have a name. As the story goes, decades later an American WWII G.I. drank a slug of the…

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