Gin is thought to be a British adaptation of the Dutch spirit genever, though the origins of both gin and genever are subject to debate. Gin is, in essence, a flavored vodka as it is in fact a neutral spirit with certain flavorings added to it, though gin distillers won’t thank you for saying that. The key, characteristic flavor of gin must be of juniper, and historically juniper has been an overwhelming component of the spirit. In recent years, distillers have moved to tempering the impact of juniper and pumping up other flavors in the bottle, sometimes resulting in a spirit that’s closer to a flavored vodka. In the European Union and some other places gin must be at least 75 proof, while in the U.S. it must be at least 80 proof. “Navy Strength” gins are often bottled at 114 proof. Today, numerous sub-styles of gin have emerged out of the classic London Dry, including a resurgence of the archaic Old Tom gin style, Plymouth gin (which is also a famous brand), and New Western (or New American) gin, which tends to push the flavor boundaries of the spirit. Aside from Plymouth gin, which must be produced in a specific town in England, these gins have no formal, legal definitions or requirements.

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Review: Mile High Spirits Fireside Single Barrel Bourbon and Summit Gin

By Drew Beard | August 9, 2021 |

Colorado is a crowded state for craft distilling, but Mile High Spirits in the heart of Denver is endeavoring to distinguish themselves by, and I’m quoting their website here, “not being obnoxious about it.” The Our Story section goes on at length with a well-reasoned manifesto bemoaning the elitism and expense of craft spirits today.…

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ISCO Distillery Floor

Visiting The Industrious Spirits Company, Providence’s First Post-Prohibition Distillery

By David Tao | July 27, 2021 |

New England travelers have long known Providence — Rhode Island’s capital and economic center — as an underrated gem. It’s famous for a thriving arts community, diverse food scene (with an emphasis on seafood), and proximity to coastal havens like Newport. And while the city’s bars and restaurants have drawn crowds for decades, the distilling…

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NB Gin bottles

Review: NB Gin – London Dry and Navy Strength

By Mike Gerrard | July 19, 2021 |

The NB stands for North Berwick, a town on the east coast of Scotland where this distillery is based, adding to the distinguished list of Scottish gin makers like Caorunn, Arbikie, and Crossbill. The company started off with distilling experiments in a home kitchen and now produces a range of gins, rums, and a vodka……

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Review: Mahon Gin (2021)

By Drew Beard | July 9, 2021 |

Chris first reviewed Mahón Gin back in 2015, just as it started to finally hit American shores. A new packaging upgrade inspired me to revisit this one to see if anything has changed in six years. Admittedly, the packaging isn’t terribly different. The bottle itself, green glass with a unique jug handle, is still the…

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Review: Freeland Spirits Dry Gin and Geneva Gin

By Robert Lublin | July 4, 2021 |

Open since 2017, Portland, Oregon’s all-women operation Freeland Spirits has come out with two new additions to its product line. Joining their standard gin and bourbon, Freeland Spirits is now making a Navy Proof Dry Gin and a product called Geneva, a genever-style gin. Let’s give them a try. Freeland Spirits Dry Gin – This…

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Review: Mythology Needle Pig Gin

By Drew Beard | July 3, 2021 |

If you thought spirits branding couldn’t get more inventive, you were very wrong. According to their press materials, Colorado’s Mythology Distillery is a small craft operation inspired by an Alaskan ski trip and a philosophy that we each form our own mythology through our travels and experiences. How that relates to a line of craft…

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Review: Nikka Coffey Gin

By Robert Lublin | June 29, 2021 |

We’ve reviewed a number of Nikka’s whiskies to date, but are just now coming around to their gin, which they introduced in 2017. As with the Japanese distillery’s Coffey Malt and Coffey Grain whiskies, the Coffey Gin draws its name from the Coffey (column) still used instead of a pot still. Nikka’s gin is different…

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Review: The Family Jones Earl Grey Juniper Jones Gin and Automatic Jones Cocktails

By Christopher Null | June 23, 2021 |

The Family Jones is a Colorado-based distillery that produces a wide range of single-estate, grain-to-glass spirits, including vodka, gin, rum, rye, and bourbon — all with some level of “Jones” in the name. (Strangely, no one involved with the company seems to be named Jones… the “Jones” seems only to refer to the spirits family.…

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Review: Bombay Bramble Flavored Gin

By Christopher Null | June 12, 2021 |

Bombay Bramble is Bombay Sapphire’s first new expression 10 years (since the launch of Bombay Sapphire East in 2011). It’s also the most unorthodox gin to come out of Bombay, a red-hued spirit flavored with “the essence of fresh blackberries and raspberries harvested at their ripest moment.” For the most part, that’s not hyperbole: The…

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Review: Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic Cocktails (Canned)

By Robert Lublin | June 4, 2021 |

Canned gin & tonic is on the rise, and many of them are surprisingly solid in quality. While we’ve been worried that the new trend toward ready-to-drink cocktails would result in gin & tonics that were overly-sweet sugar bubbles with booze, instead, most canned gin & tonics have tended to respect both the gin, with…

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